Antonov An-180


Antonov An-180 is a medium-range airliner, which was developed in the design bureau DC Antonova. This wide-device was designed for the average number of passenger seats.

History of the AN-180

Designers Antonov Design Bureau began developing the project in An-180 1992 year. The first study included the installation of two engines, and the design features have decided to adopt in vysokoplana AN-70. But this idea was not realized due to the awareness that this construction is economically unprofitable.

Originally designed as a machine with a T-tail, but in the future, this scheme has been changed to a biplane tail. This increased the value of the vector aerodynamic stabilizer forces. Despite the merits of the aircraft had a major flaw, namely, it was the weight. In the end, the first machine was supposed to go in 95 year and serial production with 97-year.

Features An-180 constructions

An-180 manufactured cantilever scheme nizkoplan. The housing has a semi-monocoque structure with circular cross-section. Have a small swept wings, are installed at the ends of the airfoils. The total weight of the AN-180 42,5 ton structure was, and still he could raise the commercial weight 18 tons.


The cruising speed of the aircraft was 800 km / h at an altitude of 10 kilometers. The practical range with the passengers was 6,3 thousand kilometers. chassis system consists of three pillars, which are equipped with systems of amortization and brakes. To control aircraft took only two pilots. An-180 can be equipped with passenger compartment of two types, namely, the 163 and 175 passenger seats.

The power plant was presented with two engines D-27 propeller-type fan. They had a lot of power in 13,8 thousand horsepower each. Motors mounted on the ends of the stabilizer wings. An innovation in the aircraft design is that the engines were attached to the sides of the tail section. In addition, the new structure was and all the aerodynamic wing surfaces. The tail section was fitted with a T-shaped plumage structure. For all calculations, designers and analysts machine must be very economical.

From this project abandoned due to lack of funding by the decay of the Union. In addition, the aircraft has become less relevant in terms of reduction of excitement on air transport. In 2007, the Deputy Chief Designer of Antonov Design Bureau announced the final freeze development project An-180.

Despite the fact that the machine has not been established, the aircraft AN-180 project remains relevant today. Especially now that it can be fitted with more efficient equipment.

An-180 characteristics:

Engines D-27
Takeoff power, hp 2x13880
Dimensions, m: 35,6 
wingspan  43,0 
Wing area, m2 127
Weight, kg: 42500 
empty  67500 
takeoff normal  71700
Number of passengers, pers. 163-175
Mass payload, maximum, kg 18000
Cruising speed, km / h 800
Range, km: 1800 
with maximum payload  7700
Practical ceiling, m 10100
Crew. 2


Aircraft airlines

For a successful start of leasing, a well-thought-out legislative framework is needed first. Secondly, guarantees are required from the recipient of the vehicle for solvency. Yes, in the agricultural sector, where the cost of a combine or a tractor is several tens of hundreds of thousands of dollars, leasing is thriving and profitable for both sides; For domestic aviation, where the cost of an aircraft is tens of millions of dollars, a system of market relations tested for decades is not yet available, because factories do not have enough equity capital for mass production of aircraft.

You can collaborate on leasing programs. The airline takes to the manufacturer's aircraft rent with the possibility of foreclosure. Such leasing programs operate in many countries and quite successfully.

The crisis in Ukraine, the crisis in Russia, the airline even dismissed employees of the State in order to stay afloat, because they understand that the increase in ticket prices will not help cover the costs. Demand for air travel and so small. Fork out for new aircraft will be able to except that one or two airlines. So it is necessary to wait for better times.

Antonov An-180 gone into oblivion and not adding to the ranks of our airlines. In my opinion, even now the project remains relevant, not so much domestic wide-body aircraft we have. All about money that are not on the implementation of the project.

It is unfortunate that the An-180 project is actually AN-218 was not implemented in reality. What kind of urgency can be a question if the technology needed to build the An-180 were lost after the collapse of the USSR? Now Ukrainian companies do not have the co-operative relationships that were at the Union. A financial pull a new project on its own initiative Antonov plant is not able to. All arguments saying that the aircraft design and will remain in the history of the project.


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