Antonov An-40


The idea of ​​creating a project shortening heavy aircraft taking off was the result of the inability to use expensive and fragile concrete runways in the event of nuclear war. Because of this, in 60-ies almost all domestic OKB started designing aircraft vertical and short takeoff. Thus, there were projects: drums MiG-23PD and T-6-1, 26-anti-Be Be and transport-32 and 12-M.

Military transport aircraft An-40 with a short landing and take-off designed as a further development of the transport An-12D. The main purpose is the carriage of cargo, aircraft landing equipment, personnel and equipment. Maximum load - 30 out at their own take-off weight - 95 tons, length - more than 2750 km. And thanks to the increased carrying capacity and increase the size of the cargo compartment is provided transportation technology of large dimensions exceeding the dimensions of the An-12B.

The structure of the power plant consists of four aircraft propulsion TMD AI-30. The capacity of each of them was 5500 ehp There is also a four-blade propeller with a diameter of 5 m. Four overclocking-twin engine brake RD36-35 to reduce the landing distance set on two gondolas, suspended on pylons under the wings, which are located between the gondolas holding the boosters.

The forward fuselage are three cabins: the navigator, crew and accompanying 17. Over the last arrow is a place onboard a blister. He directs by remote turret DB-75. It contains two double-barreled gun rapid-AO-9 23 caliber mm, the WB calculating unit-257A-5 and 4-CP «Krypton" (sighting radar). In addition, the chassis fairings are placed KDS-16GM (cassette holder) to automatically reset the dipole reflectors passive interference containers.

Airborne assault of various goods and military equipment is carried out in two ways:

  • 1) mechanized,

  • 2) with the help of special equipment built in the design of aircraft with the presence of the pilot chute.


Landing landing personnel includes seat mounted inside the fuselage for landing a man or 125 army uniform army stretchers 82 people in the ambulance version.

The first natural layout of the AN-40 was built at the beginning of the year 1965. Although prototyping his commission and approved, the plane itself was never built.


Modification of aircraft An-40


An-40PLO - modification of the An-40 for ASW. The power plant could operate equally well on hydrogen fuel, and kerosene. Hydrogen gas tank 134,5 m3 placed in the cargo pressurized cabin. In front of a much larger chassis fairings placed combat load of up to 10 tons. The aircraft was armed with depth charges and torpedoes.

The project is expected to develop a cruising speed of 550 km / h, taking into account the take-off mass of 90 t and during the transition to the maximum range mode, which is 15 500 km. At the height of 9000 m Flight duration is 27 hours at an altitude of 500 m loitering mode - 350 km / h for a period of 22 hours. In 1964 year guidance EDO was a proposal on the establishment of the aircraft, but the Air Force Soviet leadership ignored it.

An-42 - modification of the An-40 the presence of MTP. For the compressed air supply to the air unit installed turbochargers are designed on the basis of the motor-RD36 35V. One of them placed in forkil, and two - in the rear wing of the center-fairing.

Wing designed exactly the same as that of the base, but slightly modified construction mechanization and tail section. UPS system odnoschelevymi flaps with fixed rotational axis. In the rear wing system is blowing air.

But the aircraft AN-42 project never realized.

An-40 characteristics:

  • Dimensions of cargo cabin, m

  • 15,46 length

  • width 3,45

  • height 2,6

  • Engine Type AI x 4-30

  • Engine thrust (ehp) x 4 5500

  • Maximum takeoff weight, m ​​95,0

  • Maximum payload, t 30,0

  • Range of flight, km 15 500

  • Cruising speed, km / h 550

  • Practical ceiling, m 9000


World COX money to get the equipment, how can we write, it is necessary to spend on science at least since the US, in 10 percent of GDP. In Ukraine there is no money to even pay off your debts. Of course why the sky will fly planes operational period which should have been completed long ago. And it's time to get used to this.

Read recent news about the crash of the An-40 in Iran, 48 casualties. Still, it is not so reliable as it seems, after reading its description. Yes, this machine 60-ies, now technology jumped much further, and in order to keep pace with the times, it is necessary to create aircraft and complement them with modern equipment to avoid accidents.

For 60-ies, when it was designed by An-40, it was really a powerful combat unit. 125 paratroopers who could be placed in the fuselage, a good reinforcement steel used in the course of hostilities. Possibility of placing bombs on board, completing the cannon and small arms made AN-40 versatile fighting machine, through which you can easily catch the enemy off guard.

I understand that the aircraft AN-40 designed to enhance the striking power of the Soviet Union in the arms race. It was the Cold War confrontation forced the country to increase the number of the army is not so much high-quality equipment and weapons. Therefore, and began to build the aircraft with short takeoff to enhance the Navy, which could be run from aircraft carriers.

I will say as a historian, even though the Cold War and had a lot of negative moments in diplomatic relations confrontation countries, but due to this arms race there was an unprecedented leap in the industry - especially the defense sector. Anti 40 - a clear confirmation. Also began to develop means of communication, which made the USSR forward in economic development. Now the situation has changed radically. World is ruled by science and technology, who are more invested in research, and that is at the helm of world domination.


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