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An-70 - freight medium-range aircraft development ASTC "Antonov", which is intended to replace the An-12. Home design dates back to 1978 was first raised in the air in the city of 1994

History An-70

Task to build a new military transport version of the aircraft was received back in 1976 year, but during the design characteristics of the aircraft yielded revision and were finalized only in the city of 1986 get your hands on a complete list of tactical and technical requirements, began full-scale work on the An-70 . The post of chief designer of the aircraft was appointed A. Bogdanov, and the main tasks for the implementation of the program - PV Balabuev.


Construction of the first prototype was launched in Kiev in 1991 year, but due to the collapse of the Soviet Union build it had to be postponed for a certain period.

24.06.1993 between Ukraine and Russia signed a series of documents on international cooperation regarding the implementation of serial production of the An-70 aircraft and AN-70T staffed engines D-27.

The first flight took place in Kiev 16.12.1994.

10.02.1995, completing the fourth test flight, the An-70 plane collided with an accompanying plane, so that crashed.

An-70 scheme

The second prototype started to work out the test program in 1997 year.

27.02.1998 the presidents of Russia and Ukraine together issued a statement about the desire to see the aircraft AN-70 in the ranks of the national Air Force.

27.01. 2001 second prototype performed off at low temperatures Outboard, he refused engines Omsk aerodrome. The aircraft was able to recover, even though injuries were serious.

In 2002 was agreed to equally liable in the event of the collapse of production. Also, the Russian Air Force have expressed interest in purchasing the An-160 70 aircraft.

Before 2005, the Ukrainian side has stopped funding the project, and Russia has reoriented its investment activity towards the IL-76MF.

14.08.2009 leadership Antonov said that the construction of the first production cars will be completed in the year 2012. Customer 2 the first production aircraft acted as the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

An-70 video

26.05.2010 Russian side was announced the possibility of buying a year 2020 30-40 units AN-70.

July 2011 year - the first sale of the An-70 Ministry of Defence.

September 2011 years - Ukraine resumes financing of the project, highlighting the sector of state orders for the next year 347 million USD.

In August 2012 year began joint Ukrainian-Russian flight tests of the modernized AN-70. An upgraded version of 27.09-70 was first raised in the air. In the autumn of the year 2012 between neighboring States signed an agreement on the establishment of cooperation in the production of the aircraft. Until the end of 2012 avionics improvements were carried out. The new aircraft was relieved of weight by as much as 500 kg.

In April 2013 has successfully completed state tests screw SV Fan-27 for motors A-27.


11.04.2014 tests of the modernized AN-70 finished, and the plane recommended for serial production.

But later, the Ukrainian government has refused to carry out military-technical cooperation with Russia, and with 27.08.2014 for export to the Russian military products banned. Therefore, the AN-70 were forced to stop production of the aircraft.

In August 2014, the lawsuit was filed to the State Enterprise "Antonov" from the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine of non-compliance with its obligations regarding the supply of two AN-70, the order for which was made in 2004 In general, the amount of the company's debt to the Ministry of Defense was 164,3 million hryvnia.

An engine-70

19.01.2015 unique flying a copy of the An-70 taken into service in the Air Force of Ukraine.

22.01.2015 General Designer SE "Antonov" Anatoly Kiva was told that at the appropriate level of funding the company can build two aircraft An-70 commissioned by the Ministry of Defence.

26.01.2015 launched the first phase of negotiations on cooperation, "Antonov" enterprise with foreign partners using imported engines.

In March 2015, the Ministry of Defense military transport aircraft An-70 was expelled from the forward-looking program of armaments to 2020

Design An-70  

The aircraft is a four-engine turboprop vintoventilyatorny vysokoplan with the presence of the tail cargo door and single-fin tail. During testing of the aircraft confirmed the possibility of its use on unpaved runways length of about 600 m with a load of up to 20 tons.


Good LTH result primarily from the original power plant, which includes engine D-27 and propfan CB-27. The total capacity of the power plant, applied in the En-70, 14 000 is hp The high degree of air compression in the compressor provides a good performance in terms of efficiency in fuel consumption. On average, per flight hour four engines consume 3,5-4 tons of fuel.

COOCH screws manufactured high-pressure jet of air that flows around the wing at higher speed than the speed of oncoming traffic, and this in turn increases the lift of the wing. Release flap (exhibiting at 60 ° in landing mode) creates a turning effect of the thrust vector.

On this basis, during the landing with flaps most of the lift is performed by blowing power and less - by the action of the incoming flow.

In addition, the AN-70 has the following advantages:

  • "E-board" it is equipped with the system. Cockpit and cabin can be easily adapted to almost any avionics well-known manufacturers.

  • It has electronic remote control system, which ensures safe and convenient control of the aircraft. As an example, after the failure of one engine system itself can perform the alignment of the aircraft without interference from the pilot. It provides automatic protection from entering the supercritical flight modes, which include excessive slip, stall and steep spiral.

  • In a special compartment it is possible to transport military cargo destinations.

An-70 cabin

An-70 characteristics:

Modification   An-70
Wingspan, m   44.06
Aircraft Length m   40.73
Height, m   16.38
The weight of the aircraft, kg  
  empty   73000
  takeoff normal   111000
  maximum take-off   130000
Fuel kg   38000
engine's type   4 TVD Progress D-27
power, kWt   X 4 14000
Maximum speed km / h   890
Cruising speed, km / h   800
Practical range, km   7400
Range, km   1350
Practical ceiling, m   12000
Crew   3-5
Payload:   300 soldiers or 206 wounded or up to 47000 kg of cargo


Bachiv tsogo lіtaka in polotі over Borodyanka not far od Gostomel. Not lіtak a miracle, Especially yak gudut dvigun, tse just kazka, povіrte of I .. Skoda, scho Pokey scho all zavmerlo ..

Yeah, in cooperation with Russia could be used is achieved more accurately and to release more than one plane. Given the current reputation of Ukraine is unlikely they will be able to find investors who will agree to allocate funds for the release of the An-70. confidence limit Antonov, given the breakdown of contracts with Oboronprom, exhausted.

Gray this handsome-to-face. Post-hundred-ton machine can not everyone. And yet so versatile airplane, what is the An-70. Antonov plant is famous for many giants, Ruslan, Mriya now An-70. Only serial production as such is not observed. No contracts. State-owned enterprises in a highly corrupt country difficult to operate. So do not go out of the assembly line of the global aviation industry masterpieces.

The power of Ukrainian aircraft industry - this Antonov cargo planes. An-70 - a clear confirmation. Surprisingly only that they no unclaimed in the domestic or foreign markets. Although, perhaps the situation will change. After all, profitability indicators on so much weight machines are impressive. And at the present time to the fore will go exactly this figure.

It is sad to observe that as a political absurdity ruin promising projects. Alas, in the present situation, losing cooperative relations between the Ukrainian and Russian partners, little chance for the deployment of serial production of An-70. Although in general, it has excellent performance and could serve for decades in defense and peacekeeping operations.

I read that Ukraine is going to sell these planes to NATO countries. It would be this time of peace, would be no concern for the public, such news would have caused. Although I do not live in the days of the Cold War, but the opinion that history repeats itself.

NATO does not need this plane, or rather they are not allowed to buy a plane in Ukraine.


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