The aircraft Tupolev ANT-40. A photo. History. Nature of.


ANT-40 is a high-speed bomber. Mass production aircraft, the development of which is owned by CB AN Tupolev.

7 1934 October, the ANT-40 made its first flight under the control of the pilot KK Popov. 1936, the spring has been released the first production aircraft. Over the years, series-built aircraft repeatedly modernized. In 1941 year prior to the termination of serial release was issued more than 6 thousand. Aircraft of various modifications.


1931 autumn, the first flight made a new all-metal twin-engine bomber, which was created by a team of designers AA Archangel, who worked under the direction of A. Tupolev.

Flight tactical and external forms of the new aircraft, known as the Security Council, namely the high-speed bomber, testified to the success of the designers and aircraft in addressing the fundamental problem, which has been put before the Soviet air force in those years: fly faster, higher, farther.

Speed ​​AN-40 (SB) was 1,5 times the speed of serial bombers TV-3. AN-40 has a smooth lining. Rational pair wing and well streamlined fuselage, a fully retractable landing gear isolated new bomber among modern similar machines with the same purpose. Takeoff weight AN-40 - 5706 kg empty - 4138 kg.

The first copy of AN-40 was equipped with air-cooled radial engine (M-25) in 730 hp In another instance of engines installed M-100, which were only recently mastered and took power in 760 hp Flight tests of these options were at the same time. They demonstrated that more promising is the bomber engine M-100.

The maximum speed of the car at the height of 4 thousand. M higher than 420 km per hour. As you can see, it was higher than that of foreign aircraft in the same class. This version of the aircraft was used as a basis for the preparation of aircraft production, which became known as SB-2.


Designers AH-20 never ceased to improve aircraft. Over time, it appeared more powerful engines, such as M-100A, M-103, M-105, which had a screw variable pitch in flight. It also strengthens the on-board weapons.

As a result of improvements to the complex maximum speed of the aircraft increased to 450 km per hour. Such fighting qualities of the new Soviet bomber in 1937, the learned in Europe. Spain, to purchase aircraft AN-20, was satisfied, as they have shown themselves in the great battles.

On one of the modernized SB-2 test pilot M.Yu. Alekseev managed to break the world height record with a load of 1 ton. The plane climbed with this weight to a height of 12 m.

In addition to the bombers, it was issued a certain number of airplanes in the postal and cargo version. They received the following notation - SS-40. The pilots of "Aeroflot" on these machines first mastered flying at high altitudes.

ANT-40 produced at two factories in the Soviet Union and four in Czechoslovakia. According to official data just released 6831 aircraft of various modifications. As already mentioned, in the process of production of the aircraft was constantly improved. Also, the planes were in service in Czechoslovakia and China. In Spain, the ANT-40 has received the designation "Katya" (in honor of the heroine of the popular at the time of the operetta "Bombardier Katya").


The first combat use occurred in October 28 1936 year, whereas the four SAT struck the airfield at Tablada (near Seville). For a long time they were almost invulnerable to the Italian and German fighters. Security was also used against the Japanese in China, Khalkhin-, Hassan and the Finnish war. In the days of the Great Patriotic War planes were already considered obsolete.

ANT-40 characteristics:

Modification   Sat
Wingspan, m   20.33
Length m   12.57
Height, m   3.48
Wing area, m2   56.00
Weight, kg  
  empty aircraft   4768
  normal takeoff   7880
engine's type   2 PD M-103
Power, hp   X 2 960
Maximum speed km / h   450
Cruising speed, km / h   375
Practical range, km   2300
The maximum rate of climb, m / min   570
Practical ceiling, m   7800
Crew   3
Armament:   six 7.62-mm ShKAS machine gun
  600 kg bombs



ANT-40 - it's a good plane. But he is like a drawback - it can take a maximum load of 600 kg. It is not enough, do not argue, but compared to other bombers of the time (1936-1941) he is weak. Yet we will not stay long on the bad, because the aircraft is also a lot of other positive qualities.
It surprised me very much that the plane had only one pulёmёt, but both actively participated in many soldiers. Compared with other aircrafts, he is very good. After all, while some small planes were in manufacturing such a long time, so it is given the fact that they had more advantages.
More interested and then, how much it was released on the aircraft at different factories. It's nemerenoe number of other aircraft at the time produced a couple of pieces, and this very much. So we can conclude that it was very good for fighting and bombing.
It is easier for the inner workings of the aircraft more and that the crew had to be 3 person. But this is not enough, because with so many it would be easier to fight.
In general, I can say that ANT-40 very good aircraft of that time and he was very popular.

ANT-40 - this is a very good device. I saw it on the show. Inspires respect. And when the bomb load 600kg at the time was a dangerous enemy infantry. The truth is I do not understand why it is called speed. As for me even then England and Germany were faster bombers. But the number of aircraft modifications and upgrades is staggering. They are, in my opinion, more than 15-and species. And before that, their use?

Good evening, I would like to leave your opinion at the expense of the Security Council. This is an outstanding aircraft, on the red as was at one time. Thanks to him, there were more instances modified. I believe that it was the ANT-40 or as it is referred to the Security Council, is the founder of the first high-flying bombers capable of effectively on all fronts and at the same time working closely with the ground troops. Thanks SB appeared among the main striking force of bombers.
However he became the key aircraft ANT just gave way "young" improved model. The main snag was the obsolescence of the machine itself. By the end of 41-German "Messers" Antes scored batches. But again, other types of fighters were much sweat for that would destroy the Security Council.