ANT-44 (MTB-2)
ANT-44 (MTB-2)

Tupolet ANT-44 (MTB-2)


Aircraft type ANT-44 is a seaplane bomber heavy type. This machine was made in 1930-ies, but mass production has not got it. The aircraft of this type was developed by experienced designers Tupolev bureau in 1937 year. In developing the project the plane was supposed to carry out functions such as exploration of the territory, carrying out bomb attacks and had to be transported to the military in the number 40 people.

For the first time the car went up in the air with the Khimki reservoir in the early winter of 1937 years. The first car suffered a sad fate, since 39 year due to bottom damage she drowned, but in the summer of that year was established another car type ANT-22. Project and development of its production was completely closed in early January 40 years. The aircraft was used to carry out combat missions during World War II.

Design features seaplane ANT-44

Diagram of the car was like all-metal boat, which had a wing with a slight curve, due to which it was also called "gull-wing".

ANT-44 (MTB-2)

Powerplant seaplane was represented by four propeller engines of the M-85, they were assigned to wear wings. Each engine gave out quite a lot of power in 950 horsepower, which was raised in the air plane 19 weighing tons, and an empty car. To improve aerodynamic performance motors were mounted on the front edge of the wing, hereinafter it is this engine arrangement is classical.

The body of the aircraft is made in the form of a boat with a fairly wide area of ​​the bottom, which had more lines. When designing a variety of models have been worked out of the bottom. The first machine was a success all flight tests with the structure of the body, and the second car was made by type of amphibian that only improved its performance.

As for weapons, the aircraft was equipped with four guns and two types ShKAS large-caliber guns. In addition, the aircraft carried on board the bomb charge weighing up to 2,5 tons.

Tests and features ANT-44

As mentioned earlier, Tupolev manufactured two machines of this type. When testing ANT-44 demonstrated excellent flight performance and responsiveness of all systems during the flight. But, as is usually the case, incidents and emergencies. So, once I lit one of the four engines. In this situation, the pilot attempted to extinguish the fire by resorting to maneuver, but it did not help, after which he landed, where the plane was put out with the boat.

ANT-44 (MTB-2)

Since the beginning of the plane was able to land on dry land, but later wheeled chassis was dismantled as unnecessary, making jet flying boat. Due to the dismantling of the wheel chassis machine able to carry large loads. Weight of goods that could lift aircraft was 4 tons. He could make a flight over a distance of 7 thousand kilometers. To operate this machine required a crew of 5-6 people.

Combat operations ANT-44

In 1940 year our team of pilots with this seaplane was able to establish four world records among similar devices. One of the most significant achievements was the flight to a distance of a hundred kilometers with cargo on board 2 tons. At the same time the aircraft was flying at a speed of a little more than 240 km / h. This record managed to beat only 57 year of the last century.

ANT-44 (MTB-2)

In addition, the type of aircraft ANT-44 actively used in combat missions from the 41 43 of the year, he was part of the combat power of the Soviet Black Sea Fleet. When sortie in October 41, the aircraft made a bombing Bucharest, but on the way back off course and came under heavy fire air defense base in the dislocation plane returned only through 2 days after departure. In addition, the car was the night bombing of enemy forces.

ANT-44 (MTB-2) characteristics:

Modification   MTB-2 (ANT-44bis)
Wingspan, m   36.45
Length m   21.94
Height, m   7.88
Wing area, m2   146.70
Weight, kg  
  empty aircraft   12000
  normal takeoff   19000
  maximum take-off   21000
engine's type   4 PD M-87A
Power, hp   X 4 950
Maximum speed km / h  
  at sea level   365
  on high   351
Cruising speed, km / h   320
Ferry range, km   4500
Practical range, km   2500
Rate of climb, m / min   230
Practical ceiling, m   7100
Crew   6-7
Armament:   two 20-mm SHVAK guns, two 7.62-mm SHKAS machine guns
 up to 2000 kg bombs



Interested me the ANT-44 that was a naval bomber. Also, very surprised that this aircraft was operated both as a bomber and aircraft to transport people (35-40 people) and some cargo.
It is not known why, but after a short time, the authorities ordered the closure of the production of this aircraft.
It is unfortunate that it came off only three years, although this is not enough, there were some airplanes that 3 months spent in production, and after they have closed, like this one. Also, I want to add that number of planes ANT-44 too small, only 2. For three years it would be possible, I think, to release at least a couple more, because the marine areas are also needed bombers and planes to transport people.
I believe, in spite of the many shortcomings of the aircraft, was a practical, convenient, and good at what he does.

Someone, that is, information about ANT-44? I shoveled a lot of sources. There is nothing. Yes, and very interested in the fate of the second instance. If anyone has something to share tell. Not a plane, and mysteries of some sort.

ANT-44 one of the projects is not bad Tupolev. It is also built specifically for the feast of the first of May. I found a lot of information about the meager Navy in our country for a period of 30-x - 40-ies. And it turns out it is not. True MTB-2, as well as Tu-85 built in only two copies, the plane ... but good. If we draw a parallel with Sunderland English and Japanese Kavanishi, our ANT much better.