ANT-46 (CI-8)


In the design bureau of Tupolev, an experienced fighter of the ANT-46 type was designed, which was supposed to operate at long flight distances. This machine was designed in parallel with the ANT-40 aircraft, but, unlike it, it was three-seater, equipped with both offensive and defensive weapons.

This aircraft was designed to cover bombers and was equipped with more powerful engines than the previous version of the ANT.

In the development of this aircraft designers was taken into account a number of nuances, they encountered in the manufacture of previous devices. Therefore, it was designed quickly and accurately. It had an all-metal body design, which has been perfectly worked on other planes, manufactured Tupolev. Also, the aircraft had a water-cooled engine that distinguishes it from other cars of the time. It was equipped with two large-caliber guns, which could produce 15 volleys. These guns were installed on the wings.

Its first flight ANT-made 46 35 in the middle of summer, after which he was transferred to the Commission for the passage of factory tests. But soon the work on the machine have been stopped due to the emergence of new at that time rockets such as MS. It is for this reason that the designers had to change weapons to a new and effective.

ANT-46 (CI-8)

Designers OKB installed on this aircraft four cannons brand SHVAK, which were placed in the wing. A version of the aircraft with the same guns was developed, but under the fuselage of the apparatus, and their number was increased to five. The ventral version was more convenient for replacing and charging guns. In addition to weapons, aerodynamic qualities were also improved by equipping the wing with a detachable part. Also, the horizontal tail was changed, and a horn compensation system was added to the tail steering wheel during the flight. There was a thought of replacing engines with newer AM-34. But a year after this, this project was completely closed.

Design features ANT-46

The design of the machine is made of duralumin. plane body is composed of three structural parts, which are manufactured separately and linked to one another. The front part of the aircraft structure is represented by the cockpit, which has a large glass area. The cockpit gets via the hatch in the bottom, was made through him, and the emergency evacuation of the crew.

Middle compartment of the aircraft was manufactured together with the wings, namely the assembly of wings takes the most amount of time and materials. This compartment housed the post of the machine's control, namely the cockpit. Cabs pilot and radio operator were equipped otdvizhnymi lanterns, lantern and radio operator had a large size. At the tail section of the tail unit was attached.

ANT-46 (CI-8)

As for the power plant of the aircraft ANT-46, it is significantly different from previous models because it was represented by two engines of the type K-14. They had both the designation - "Mistral-Major." They were given power 800 horsepower each and were air cooled. The engines were installed in front of center on special motor farms. For optimum performance, between the motor has been installed a ring-type oil cooler. Engines with their work resulted in the movement of the screws that were made of wood and had a diameter of 3,4 meters.

airframe was made of tubular metal sections, which have V-shaped. They are mounted on the casing of the machine itself and thus creating a closed circuit. The designs were frames and ribs, which were made of duralumin and had holes, due to which the design has been reduced weight unit.

ANT-46 characteristics:

Modification   ANT-46bis
Wingspan, m   20.30
Length m   12.24
Height, m  
Wing area, m2   55.70
Weight, kg  
  empty   4180
  normal takeoff   5910
  Fuel   550
engine's type   2 PD M-34RNF
Power, hp   X 2 1200
Maximum speed km / h  
  near the ground   382
  on high   404
Practical range, km   1800
Practical ceiling, m   9000
Crew   3 – 4
Armament:   two 76.2-mm dynamo-reactive cannons APK-4 (15 projectiles) or 4 20-mm ShVAK cannons and one 7.62-mm ShKAS machine gun with a reserve of 800 cartridges.
 one mobile 12.7-mm ShVAK machine gun. In the rear part of the fuselage there is an upper turret SHKAS on a mobile unit TUR-9 and a lower hatch gun of the same system.
 Bomb load up to 250 kg



I like to learn something new about the fighters. In 1935-ies fighter was little, often only used bombers or transportable aircraft. Also it surprised that all the fighters were single and the triple. After triple plane, especially if it was a very good fighter in combat, as well as in flight to some other distance. Three men together was easier to make common cause. More I was surprised by the speed with which it can move: in the air - it 404 km / h, and near the ground - 382 km / h.
Besides all this, I want to highlight the aircraft weaponry. Frankly, it surprised me, because, perhaps, in any plane of the time do not have as many weapons as this (it stood on two powerful guns and two machine guns of the same). Some may think that this is enough, but I believe that there is, after all a fighter must have a weapon, but not in such numbers. And yes, more, combat load, not too small - up to 250 kg.
Personally, I think that is very good fighter, and he came not only to fight with the enemy, it can be used for other purposes. It is a pity of course, that it was quickly removed from production.

Anton I am with you totally disagree. The plane is very good. Of course there were some nuances. And the motors French - "Mistral" and the emergence of the PC ... but the plane is good. It's not thrown at all. A team working on it diligently, changed all that is needed, changed the engines on the Soviet. Even a little dig deeper into the structure that would improve flight characteristics. At the time, Soviet hard to chase other countries. As in the fairy tale about Lefty and flea. And at the expense of professionals, neither of which have lost their jobs can not say. I have never met such information. Give the address or name of the book.

Not the most successful project Tupolev my opinion. No, I'm not saying that the project is completely disastrous, but still far away, he would not go due to the lack of prospects. In general, the idea of ​​a long-range fighter at that time was very difficult to implement. All the more so as the time when there were rocket missiles. Many aircraft have undergone alterations and modifications. Sadly only that in addition to the closure of CI-8 closed many other projects. A chief designers ... who in other bureaus, someone on the street. It is sad.