Antigrad Avia A-03 NART multipurpose UAV
Antigrad Avia A-03 NART multipurpose UAV

Antigrad Avia A-03 NART multipurpose UAV

A-03 Nart - multipurpose UAV developed Dubninskaya research and production center. "Antigrad-Avia" was first presented to the public at the Second International Exhibition and Forum "Unmanned Multipurpose Vehicle Systems for Fuel and Energy Complex." Many experts and visitors came to the stand of the company and ask questions of its members, which indicated an increased interest that caused the unmanned aerial vehicle.

According to the data provided by the representatives of the NPC "Antigrad-Avia", the air complex "Nart" is intended for solving a wide range of tasks. In particular, they include the prevention of natural catastrophic weather events (typhoons, tornadoes, rainfall, hail) by actively influencing meteorological processes; The creation of artificial precipitation in regions with drought, conducting multidirectional monitoring - the state of the earth and water surfaces, highways, conditions in the areas of man-made and natural disasters, environmental and meteorological conditions. In addition, the complex is able to airlift the fields in order to destroy weeds, treat plant diseases, eliminate pests, fertilize the soil in accordance with environmental and agrotechnical requirements, and also multigrade and expeditiously deliver cargo to remote and hard-to-reach areas.

Multi-purpose aviation complex "Nart" consists of an unmanned aircraft A-03, launcher, ground control flight preparation and the flight itself, the automated control system and monitoring of active interaction of weather processes, means of ensuring the functioning of the complex.

The complex "Nart" in case of its application according to the variant of impacts on the state of meteorological processes operates as follows. Having obtained predicted data on the appearance of an air front with a dangerous potential, an autonomous meteorological system begins to scan the air space by a meteorological radar. Having discovered the front, it is followed by its escort, during which the probability of occurrence of possible space-time coordinates of the region of formation of catastrophic meteorological phenomena is estimated. These data are transmitted to the NHU, where the UAV is programmed to program the program in the on-board control system of the unmanned vehicle during its preparation for takeoff. From the ground station, the UAV takes off and moves according to the set program, which, if necessary, is corrected to the NPC, giving commands over the radio channel.

At a given point in space from the unit reset the tape from which the shot rockets, spray reagent on the route of flight range of up to 3,5 km. Using the reagent causes premature appearance of precipitation, because of what prevented the development of the elements to the level of the disaster. After completing its mission, the drone is sent to a designated area to land and transport the machine is towed into the complex for storage and preparation for the next flight.

Aviation Complex "Nart" is used to solve problems in the area within 300-350 km. It can be used in stationary (parts and assemblies are located in the industrial unit, placed in the center of the zone) or mobile (on trucks "KamAZ") versions.

Using the Nart A-03 UAV, it is possible to form a multifunctional information-transport system that is unparalleled, which can solve many problems for Federal agencies, individual companies and regional services. 

Antigrad Avia A-03 NART multipurpose UAV. Characteristics:

Modification   A-03
Wingspan, m   9.00
Length m   5.20
Height, m  
Wing area, m2  
Weight, kg  
  maximum take-off   350 – 1100
engine's type   2 PD RPD-317
Power, hp   X 2 90
Maximum speed km / h   450
Cruising speed, km / h   150 – 350
Radius of action, km   300
Flight duration, h   50
Practical ceiling, m   8000


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