Antonov An-38
Antonov An-38. A photo. Video. Driving compartment. Characteristics. Reviews.

Antonov An-38. A photo. Video. Driving compartment. Characteristics. Reviews.


The twin-engine Antonov An-38, a small, multi-purpose aircraft, developed by OKB Antonov, local airlines and intended for the transportation of passengers 27 or 2500 kg of cargo a distance of one thousand kilometers. An-38 developed based on older machines, Antonov An-28, 2,5 is extended to the meter fuselage, more powerful engines and more convenient and comfortable cabin than its predecessor.

An-38 - a small twin-engine multi-purpose aircraft, which have developed in OKB Antonov for use on local airlines. Air machine is capable of carrying passengers or 27 2500 kg of various cargo over a distance of 1000 km. An-38 designed as a continuation of the AN-28. In comparison with the base model 38-D has lengthened to 2,5m fuselage, more powerful propulsion system, more convenient and comfortable accommodation inside the cabin.

In 1989, at the demonstration of the An-28 multipurpose aircraft in India, it became clear that there was a demand for small regional aircraft with a passenger capacity of up to 30 people. In the same year, the Antonov Design Bureau, on its own initiative, prepared documentation for a new aircraft project, designated An-38. A year later, the design of the new aircraft was approved. The aircraft project received an elongated fuselage with a capacity of up to 30 passengers and more powerful engines, TBD-1500 of the Rybinsk Engine Company. His model was shown in June 1991 at the Paris Air Show. 

An 38 photo

Antonov An-38 23

Later, the TVD-1500 engines were replaced by the TPE-331-14GR-801E turboprop engines from the American manufacturer Allied Signal. These motors had a power of 1521 hp. And they were equipped with Hartzell screws, which are distinguished by their low noise. In 1992, production of six An-38 aircraft began. Four for flight testing, one for ground testing and one for static testing. The assembly of the aircraft was carried out by the Novosibirsk Aviation Plant named after Chkalov with components manufactured in Ukraine and Belarus.

The finished version of the aircraft with established American engines received the designation AN-38-100. The first flight of the aircraft AN-38-100 23 was committed in June 1994 years.

The finished aircraft had a cabin with a passenger capacity of up to 27 people, which could easily be converted into a cargo one. Test tests have shown that the An-38 can reach speeds of up to 400 kilometers per hour and can carry more than two tons of cargo. Thanks to the new engines, fuel consumption has been reduced, which has made it possible to increase the flight distance. The aircraft, like the An-28, behaved well at high angles of attack, was reliable and easy to operate. And like its predecessor, it could take off and land from unprepared airfields.


Driving An interior-38

Antonov An-38 scheme


An On-38-100 equipped with modern navigation equipment. It is also equipped with a weather radar. The equipment allows the aircraft to fly in bad weather and at night. Optionally, the aircraft is equipped with air conditioning, for use in regions with a hot climate and the crane-beam to provide facilities for loading work. Based on the An-38-100 offered planes with a more comfortable cabin for 8 people.

There are also modifications to fire and patrol aircraft to the victims of medical transportation.

A little later, another version of the aircraft was released, which received the designation An-38-200. This version was equipped with domestic turboprop engines TVD-20-03 with a capacity of 1375 hp from the Omsk Motor-Building Association. These motors have less power than the American TPE-331-14GR-801E and have greater weight and higher fuel consumption, which reduces the flight range, but the price of domestic motors is much lower. The first flight of An-38-200 with TVD-20-03 Omsk engines was made on December 11, 2001.

An interior 38

Antonov An-38 Salon

Also version of the aircraft was designed with increased up to 3200 kg, carrying capacity. This modification was named AN-38K. It allows you to hold up to four conventional aircraft containers.


History of An-35

In 1989, a demonstration of the multi-purpose An-28 took place in India, after which it became clear to the KB leadership that such small planes for 30 passengers, and even more modernized versions, are very much in demand. In the same year, engineers from the OKB initiated the development of a new aircraft under the designation An-38. After exactly a year the design of the aircraft was approved. Under the project, in comparison with the base, made some adjustments, in particular, extended the fuselage for a more convenient placement of 30 passengers. Also replaced the old engines with new, high-capacity TVD-1500, which were designed by the Rybinsk motor-building enterprise. The model of the new multipurpose aircraft was shown in Paris at the aerospace exhibition PAS - Paris Air Show.


After a while the HPT-1500 engines replaced with turboprops TPE-331-14GR-801E power 1521 HP, which has created a US firm Allied Signal. These motors are equipped with special screws Hartzell, the advantage of which is their low noise. The first six copies of the An-38 1992 began designing in the year, guided by the different types of tests: 4 - on the flight, 1 - on the ground, 1 - static. The assembly machine is experienced Novosibirsk Aircraft Plant named after Chkalov. Kit components are created in different industries in Ukraine and Belarus.

The finished version of the aircraft with new engines American production called An-38-100. 23 June two years later he made his first flight.

Specially applied layout made it possible to equip the aircraft under the passenger compartment for 27 people or under the cargo hold. In the test tests, the An-38 demonstrated the ability to reach speeds of up to 400 km / h and the ability to transport cargo weighing 2 tonnes. The new engines have increased the flight range due to increased economy. An-38 has taken a lot of good qualities from its basic model, in particular its reliability, ease of operation and excellent performance at large angles of attack. And I also got the same ability to make take-offs and landings on unprepared runways and airfields.


In the new air unit installed an upgraded navigation equipment, including weather radar. Thanks to them, the possibility of making flight in adverse weather conditions and at any time of the day. Among the options of the aircraft stand at the presence of the air conditioner operating conditions in countries with hot climate and crane tanks for loading operations. Just based on the An-38-100 the variant with increased comfort on 8 passengers.

Modifications An-38

  1. An-38-100 - basic series aircraft with established American engines TPE-331-14GR-801E.

  2. An-38-110 - aircraft with a reduced composition of the equipment.

  3. An-38-120 - version with extended set of equipment installed voice recorder OPAL-D mechanism and FPS-2000, warning of the approach to the ground.

  4. An-38-200 - cargo-passenger convertible aircraft with turboprop engines-20-03 Russian production and AV-36 screws. A set of similar equipment AN-38-120, but with the addition of an air collision avoidance system TCAS-2000.

  5. An-38K - increased load capacity up to 3200 kg.

  6. An-38D - Airborne modification, designed for human 22.

  7. An-38S - aircraft version of health plan, in which people are placed on a stretcher 6 and 9 seats.


According to official figures at the beginning of the year it was made 2006 An eleven-38 aircraft.



Technical characteristics of the AN-38-100


The first flight of the An-38: 23 1994 year in June

Production Years: c 1994 till today

Length: 15,54 m.

Height: 4,30 m.

Empty weight: 5000 kg.

Wing area: 39,72 sq.m.

Wingspan: 22,06 m.

Cruising speed: 380 km / h..

Maximum speed: 405 km / h..

Ceiling: 9000 m.

Range: 1400 km.

Length of takeoff: 500 m.

Path length: 330 m.

Engines: 2 turboprop engines TRE331-140D-801E or TVD-20-03

Crew: 1-2 people

Number of passenger seats: up to 27 seats

An 38 video

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An-38 for me the universal plane, I love to fly it. I particularly like how he takes off. Anyone who has flown on this machine knows how it's cool! However, when the An-38 soars, dark eyes, but then everything goes, it is likely to speed and small rhinestones. In general, it all depends on the pilots. Well, in general, I can say one thing, you need to assign the title of An-38 - «The best domestic aircraft."

I believe that the AN-38 just an amazing machine. But, at least, for me there is no better aircraft. Of course, there are also disadvantages, but all the same advantages of this machine much more. I flew on this plane so - many times and not even once did not face problems, I did not feel discomfort, as many say. Yes, a little bit laid the ears, but only during takeoff. Flies aircraft very smoothly without swaying and shaking, very comfortable chairs, and indeed the An-38 reliable aircraft during the flight so I never was scared, because I knew that this machine will never fail!

Super car! I love to fly on this machine. Especially wonderful takeoff, for 500 200 meters to pick up speed in kilometers per hour, and then picks me up at the sky with 30 of climb m / s. Such extreme feel that is beyond words. At first I even in the eyes darkened by differential vertical load, but you get used to over time. It all depends on the pilot. I give it an "excellent"!


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