Caller ID or general aviation in Russia and abroad
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Caller ID or general aviation in Russia and abroad

Caller ID or general aviation in Russia and abroad.


All accustomed that aviation in general, is divided into two components, a military and civil aviation. What GA - General Aviation, few people imagine. The media in Russia often misinterpret this term as well. A small, light airplane that rolls for the entertainment of the public from a village field is not yet general aviation. For us, for Russians, the term "aviation" has a slightly different meaning than for Europeans or Americans. For us, aviation is airplanes, pilots, airfields, technical personnel, in general, a polysemantic term. For the whole world, aviation is above all action, that is, the flights themselves. Hence the ambiguity of the interpretation of the term itself AND HE here and there. In the West, adopted the term «General aviation» ie - general aviation, which is neither a military nor a commercial on regular lines. All other flights and there - general aviation.


 For a better understanding of the place AND HE in our, domestic conditions, it is quite appropriate to draw an analogy with ground road transport. There is urban transport, buses, trolleybuses, trams that carry passengers from point A to point B. There are route taxis that also carry passengers on a commercial basis. And there is a taxi. In addition to these types, there are also auxiliary types of land, road transport. These are sweepers, all kinds of special vehicles, policemen, ambulances. There are machines that remove asphalt, drill wells, sweep and water roads, etc. But there are also personal, private vehicles. So, if our general aviation does not belong to regular airlines, and does not belong to military aviation, then it must perform all other functions.


General aviation

General aviation


  Of course, in Russia there is also the so-called "business aviation", or otherwise "business aviation". But, firstly, it does not yet have an official status, and secondly, this aviation exists semi-legally. Although it has its own firms, planes, even airports (Vnukovo-3, Center for Business Aviation, for example).


 If someone thinks that AND HE in Russia it is just "pokatushki" rich bums, then deeply mistaken.  AND HE in the Russian Federation carries out a number of very important and necessary tasks.

  • Monitoring of pipelines and power lines.

  • Monitoring of urban neighborhoods in infrared light leaks heat.

  • Monitoring of forest protection for fires and fire safety.

  • Small sanitary aviation.

  • Police aviation.

  • Small aircraft MOE.

  • Aerofotosemka.

  • Agricultural work.

  • Training flights in private aero clubs and training centers for pilots.

  • Sightseeing flights over the sites.

  • Advertising in the air by means of aircraft, helicopters and other aircraft and ultralights.

  • Private flights from city to city.

  • Corporate flights, business or entertainment purposes.


General aviation 23

General aviation


  The number and variety of works for Aviation OH so great that ICAO (an international organization of civil aviation), to define the term General aviation, went by exclusion. "The flight of the aircraft, except for commercial air transport and flight-related performance of aerial works". In turn, aerial work is defined as  "The flight of the aircraft in which the aircraft is used for specialized services in areas such as agriculture, construction, photography, topographic surveying, observation and patrol, search and rescue, aerial advertisement, etc." (ICAO Annex 6 Aircraft Operations).

 In general, it turns out that these are all flights, except for the commercial transportation of people or goods from point A to point B, that is, any flight of the aircraft to perform a specific job.


 The territory of the Russian Federation is vast. Most of the areas are available seasonally, or simply difficult to access. Here in these areas and need AND HEMeeting and light helicopters and seaplanes, and small planes, which are needed for takeoff 200-300 meters relatively flat surface or the river, lake. They will be evacuated urgently in need of medical care, to deliver emergency supplies to find and inspect the crash site, but a lot more for what.


General aviation 34

General aviation


  The airspace of any state is not just the sky, it is an area of ​​economic and economic activity.

And if civil aviation regular flights, the state makes a profit and jobs, the general aviation, meanwhile, is in the role of "stepdaughter". Somewhere out there, there is something out there flying. There is no relevant departments and ministries, that would come to grips with the development of such necessary, and most importantly profitable sector of the economy.

 In the meantime, flies AND HE, mainly according to the rule of three "P" - Partizansky Flight Rules.


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