AQM-34N Reconnaissance Drone
AQM-34N Reconnaissance Drone

AQM-34N Reconnaissance Drone

AQM-34N Reconnaissance Drone refers to the high-altitude unobserved reconnaissance types of the UAV. The development company is Teledyne Ryan Aeronautical. The impetus for the creation of this unmanned vehicle was a competition announced by the US Air Force for the design of a high-altitude unmanned scout. At that time in the middle of 60, the most potential company was Ryan, which developed over 20 modifications of its own unmanned aerial target, Model 147 Firebee. As a result of the modifications and research work, 147N appeared, which the US Air Force specialists renamed into AQM-34N Reconnaissance Drone. In 60-ies, the UAV was transferred for operation to strategic command.

According to LTH, the device was able to climb to a height of 21 kilometers at a speed of 675 km / h. Between March 1967 and mid-July 1971, the AQM-34N flew 138 reconnaissance missions. Just like its predecessor, the AQM-34L Firebee, the AQM-34N UAV was launched from the DC-130 aircraft. The drone carried out the entire flight process according to the previously laid down program. During the entire period of operation, only a few devices were missing. Approximately 20% were deliberately shot down or crashed, about 65% of the aircraft were found and returned. Searching was made easier thanks to the built-in MARS (full name Mid-Air Retrieval System). The search work was carried out thanks to special equipment, which was installed on the search helicopters. In the mid-70s, the US Air Force ordered the withdrawal of the last copies of this type of UAV from service.

LTH: wingspan - 9,75 m; Length - 9,14 m; weight - 1737 kg; Height - 2,03 m; Rod - 871 kg; range - 3862 km; Engine Type - 1 TRD; ceiling - 21336 m; maximum speed - 676 km; the minimum height - 20 m.

AQM-34N Reconnaissance Drone. Characteristics:

Modification   AQM-34N
Wingspan, m   9.75
Length m   9.14
Height, m   2.03
Weight, kg   1737
engine's type   1 TRD J69-T-41A
Thrust, kgf   X 1 871
Maximum speed km / h   676
Flight distance, km   3862
Practical ceiling, m   21336
The minimum flight altitude, m   20


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