Arado Ar 234
Arado Ar 234 - German bomber, reconnaissance

Arado Ar 234 - German bomber, reconnaissance



German bombers (intelligence) to gas turbine engine entered service in 1943. Its first flight took place on June 15, 1943. The aircraft was built in small series (various modifications) and took part in the hostilities on the Western Front. The main versions of the aircraft were: Ar-234B-2, Ar-234C-3 and Ar-234C-1.

Ar 234V-2 - modification bomber, it could carry a 100-kg bomb or two on 500 kg. Engine - Jumo 004-in. The chassis of the classical type with a nose strut.

Four-Ar-234C-3 not been brought to combat the condition. Its purpose - multi-purpose aircraft, heavy night fighter, bomber, attack.

Power plant: BMW-003C engines (thrust - 900 kg).




Ar-234C-1 was aircraft-fotorazvedchik. Not-178, Hs-132. Fighter Not-178 and dive bomber Hs-132 belong to the same group of airplanes that were not brought to the end, to their combat use in military sky. Not-178 - the first German jet. August 27 1939, he has successfully completed its first flight. On the basis of this aircraft is not an attempt to create-280 was made, but it was not successful. Work on the bomber Hs-132 1944 began at the end of It was an easy, simple in design aircraft with BMW-003-1 motor mounted above the fuselage.

He could take the bomb caliber 500 kg. The plane is not commercially produced.

One instance was in the Soviet Union, which has been carefully studied in TsAGI.

During World War II, some progress in the creation of jet aircraft have been achieved in the UK and the US.


Arado Ar 234 characteristics

Arado Ar 234 characteristics

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