Aircraft Rent
Aircraft Rent

Aircraft Rent


Private aviation and business flights in recent years is rapidly developing. Almost all the major domestic companies in the same way as Western "colleagues" who regularly use their services. This exclusive service is in demand among private individuals. This is very convenient, as the schedule of an air carrier does not have to adapt, perform unnecessary intermediate landing at airports, and it is possible to fly directly to your destination. This achieves a significant savings in time, which is the most expensive, because it can not accumulate at any price.

Also it is necessary to take into account considerations of prestige: Aircraft rent a positive impact on the image of the company, making it in the eyes of customers and partners in more decent and respectable.

Aircraft Rent

Rent a plane, you will be completely sure that its board will create the conditions that would like to see your colleagues and guests.


aircraft rental: a prestigious and convenient


Not all companies consider it advisable to buy and maintain their own aircraft. Moreover, even the most modest "Jet" will cost not less than 30 thousand. $, And because it will have to contain. To adapt it for their own purposes and make it more comfortable, we must pay even half of this amount. However, this is a budget option, of course, if such a thing can be applied to all private aviation.

The cost of the comfortable Airbus can generally range from a few million to tens of millions of dollars. But even such a serious amount does not seem so great when compared with the costs of maintenance of its fleet.

The best way out of this situation - aircraft rental. its cost is also very impressive, but compared with the purchase cost and the content of aircraft still get less. This option is well suited for those who are going to fly with the usual comfort, completely independent of schedules and other subjective circumstances.

Now aircraft rental is available to anyone interested, who do not have financial constraints.


How to rent a private plane and why it is needed


To date, private aviation allows to solve the following tasks:

  • organization of business flights and private flights;

  • helicopter rental;

  • Rent VIP-planes;

  • minor "jets" rent.


Rent a private jet in Russia involves the removal of lease aircraft organization or individual for a certain period. For a start you have to pay the rent, which goes only to the owner of the aircraft, but also for its maintenance, salaries of pilots and other pressing needs. How ironic would it may sound, but the aircraft rent with a reasonable approach saves money that would be spent on flights.

Aircraft Rent

Participation in renting aircraft has long been practiced in the West. There is approximately the following scheme: several legal entities or individuals take the plane for use on equal footing. As a result, costs are calculated on the basis of kilometers flown and the hours. This practice in Russia is also beginning to spread: renting a private jet on equal footing can save a decent portion of the costs.


Many companies offer to lease:

  • aircraft without crew;

  • aircraft with crew.

At the same time you have the opportunity to rent a ship of any class, from the little "jet" and ending with a comfortable Airbus.


Rent a plane with a crew


If you are going to arrange a lease on a plane with a crew, then note that the cost will include the salary of high-class pilots. However, in this case, you can count on the following undeniable advantages: you do not have to search and hire people from outside, you do not need to worry about piloting the vessel. In addition, you can be completely sure of the high level of professionalism of pilots, their strong mental and physical health. The owners of aircraft carefully monitor this, because when flying on the road, not only expensive equipment is put on, but also human lives.

It is worth noting that some of the aircraft (Airbus) can rent exclusively with the crew: Aircraft since the owner is trying to protect itself from huge financial losses, and customers - from tragic accidents.


Aircraft rental without crew. Is it possible?


Take a plane to rent is quite possible that many travel agencies offer this feature. Today, many people graduate courses for pilots and get your hands on documents that allow you to control the aircraft by yourself. But in most cases it is only a small private "jets". If you think you get the pleasure of piloting us, we will select technically perfect and comfortable aircraft for you.

But you do not sit behind the wheel of multi-ton truck "BelAZ", having only rights "B" category. It is therefore reasonable to lease large aircraft with a professional crew or hire experts on the side.


The cost of renting aircraft. From which it is formed


Unfortunately, not everyone understands the difference between the purchase of the aircraft and its lease. Aircraft Rental allows to control the aircraft during a specified time period, the order also includes one or more flights. If you regularly need a plane, it is wiser to take it out, because in this case the flight will cost much cheaper.

Aircraft Rent

However, if you have the need to use aircraft only from time to time, it is reasonable to book a charter flight.


In both cases, you get a lot of advantages:

  • complete independence of the airline schedules (you decide when and where to go);

  • a quick flight to anywhere in the world, bypassing the intermediate points;

  • obtaining the required service, high comfort;

  • expedited passage through customs, passport control at overseas flights.


The price for the rental of aircraft is calculated individually, because it depends on many factors:

  • range, while parking;

  • the type of aircraft;

  • obligatory insurance of passengers;

  • air navigation charges;

  • Passengers food;

  • the level of comfort and service;

  • crew accommodation at the hotel;

  • payment of fees at airports;

  • the VIP-halls of airports;

  • support aircraft representative of the company to promptly solve the problems encountered in flight (rerouting, flight schedule, the number of passengers and other operating points).


Also it takes into account the need to supply the bus to the aircraft ramp and processing its outer skin defrosters.

If you rent a small "Jet" for private flights, the cost mainly affected aircraft type, time and distance flights, the cost of the service and parking at airports.

It is better to trust experienced players in this market in such services - for example, Business Aviation or EastUnion companies. At least fewer surprises can be expected. Especially in unusual situations

I use this service often, and I think it's a good idea - renting a private jet is needed busy people almost everywhere. I always have time on their meeting with arendasamoletov and think it's better to overpay a little for the quality and the time I save, than the late and then lose everything.

It is better to trust experienced players in this market in such services - for example, Business Aviation or EastUnion companies. At least fewer surprises can be expected. Especially in unusual situations


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