We conquered hypersound: the weapon that has become the most powerful in the world
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ARC "Dagger" - weapons that have become the most powerful in the world

ARC "Dagger" - weapons that have become the most powerful in the world


The world has stepped into the era of hypersonic weapons. It is the era, since since the very moment when Russian scientists and engineers have created, successfully tested and put into service a hypersonic airborne missile system, this weapon has become a priority for the development of any army in the world. This is due primarily to the fact that, in comparison with conventional conventional weapons, or even supersonic weapons, hypersonic weapons, in particular, the air-missile complex "Dagger", makes any anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense system useless.


ARC "Dagger"


So it happened that the information on the creation, successful testing and staging on the pilot-combat duty hypersonic aviation missile system "Dagger", was a complete surprise. 1 March 2018, in a message to the Federal Assembly, Vladimir Putin announced this publicly, thus provoking a genuine interest in both ordinary citizens and representatives of military blocs.



What is the hypersonic weapon "Dagger"? "Dagger" is a Russian hypersonic air-missile complex, which includes a carrier aircraft and a combat rocket moving at hypersonic speeds. In fact, the aircraft carrier, which, according to experts, will become the Su-57 fighter-bomber (or one of its modifications) in the future, will deliver the hypersonic missile to the point of discharge, after which the hypersonic missile ARK "Dagger" will develop the speed of the flight in 12250 km / h., And, maneuvering, depending on the terrain conditions, will go to the specified goal. Considering the speed of the flight, the hypersonic missile will be able to reach the most distant target (more than 2000 kilometers - author's note) in less than 10 minutes, which makes the air defense and missile defense systems completely useless, since interception of such missiles is practically impossible.



"Dagger" to Enemies for Envy



The appearance of the hypersonic weapon "Dagger" in the arsenal of the Russian army caused a lot of bewilderment among the various military blocs, in particular, it is NATO, since the first American prototype of a hypersonic missile is supposed to be tested only in 2019 year, while the weapons themselves will be used by the US not before 2021 year, which indicates the fact that Russia seized military advantage with a difference of several years.

The key feature of the ARC "Dagger" is the fact that it is impossible to detect the movement of the air-missile complex, that is, the hypersonic missile itself can be installed on any aircraft carrier. Moreover, given officially presented data that missiles can carry both normal charges and nuclear weapons, the destruction caused by the Russian "Dagger" may prove to be enormous, and even advanced protection will not save the object planned for destruction.



Experts believe that in the near future, on the basis of a hypersonic rocket, modernized versions will also appear. Able to perform flights for far distances, say, up to 3-4 thousand kilometers.

Despite the fact that the Ministry of Defense officially stated that the Russian hypersonic air-missile complex "Dagger" is not so promising and innovative, and certainly does not pose any threat to "... the most powerful army in the world ...", independent experts call the ARC "Dagger" the most powerful weapon in the world, capable of destroying almost any object, regardless of whether it is a question of land targets, sea or space objects.


Kostyuchenko Yuriy specifically for Avia.pro