Army-2016. Part 1
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Army-2016. Part 1

The international military-technical forum "Army-2016». Part 1.



In the beginning of the review will bring official statistics, and then share their personal experiences from visiting the forum.

More than 500 thousand people visited the site in six days the International Military-Technical Forum (MVTF) "Army-2016», that is superior to many of the same topics at the global grounds and fully confirms the international status of the site.

Forum "Army-2016" for the second year in a row was held in the congress and exhibition center "Patriot" park and Alabino range near Moscow airport Kubinka. He combined along with the static display and dynamic display of military hardware features extensive scientific and business program and a variety of cultural and recreational activities of the military-patriotic.

The results of the Forum strongly suggest that in just two years it has turned into the world's leading exhibition of arms and military equipment and authoritative platform for discussing innovative ideas and development in the interests of the armed forces.

On the sidelines of forum representatives worked more countries 80, 35 of which were official delegations. Delegations from 13 States were represented by heads of military departments, even 22 delegation headed by Chief of General Staff and the deputy minister of defense. The total number of guests in the composition of military delegations exceeded 260 people.

It conducted more than 40 presentation of military products to foreign customers. Foreign delegations were given the opportunity to test running and firing capabilities of Russian military equipment and weapons, whereby representatives of several countries expressed their intention to supply individual samples of the domestic defense industry products in the national armed forces.


How do I get to the forum


The international military-technical forum "Army-2016» 1


Until the last moment, it was not clear whether I can get on the forum as a journalist, or I'll have to see it as a mere spectator. Of course, a mere spectator is something to see, but the opportunities for good photos, it would be significantly less.

Thanks to my friend and colleague, Muscovite Dmitry Buber, Accredited by the Ministry of Defence, we still got it. Dmitry, author, creator and editor of Aviation Portal Air A3 aviation and photography is not a novice. He created a portal bringing together information from around the world about the aerobatic team, aviation museums, air shows, and, of course, could not miss such an event as an international forum Army-2016.

In general, as my colleagues, journalists and photographers note, this year the visit to such an official and global event was distinguished by democracy. And if earlier, in previous years, the Ministry of Defense tried to accredit mainly media close to the authorities, so to speak, "courtiers", then even ordinary bloggers, creators of their websites, could get to the "Army-2016". In general, the opportunities to get into the press were quite wide.

The international military-technical forum "Army-2016» 2


Day one

In the morning, 8 September, upon arrival in Moscow, I went straight from the station at Vnukovo-3. I had to make a report with 11 International Exhibition Business Aviation JetExpo 2016. It can be viewed on our website Avia.Pro. In the evening, meeting with Dmitry, I learned that early in the morning, we should already be at the building of the Ministry of Defence, on Prechistenskaya waterfront.

In 6.30 the morning we were standing near the long line of buses PAZ with "PRESS" sign. About 10-12 bus convoy drove away from the Defense Ministry building in the eight o'clock time. The road was long and a little crust of ice between colleagues from different media had melted, the more that had a common topic of conversation and discussion immediately found: aviation, military equipment and shooting techniques.

Despite some unfortunate misunderstandings, the organization works with the media I really liked. Officers assigned to accompany our writing and photographing monks, constantly helped us in all matters. Until the relocation of all the two journalists to the main exhibition Kubinka aerodrome.

In the morning of each worker (for us, for the media), a general press conference was organized, at which events scheduled for the day and the departure of groups of journalists to the Alabino training ground and the Kubinka airfield were announced. And since the static exposition of the military park from us would not have gone away, most of us were torn to the airfield. The fact is that everything that happens at the Alabino training ground was accompanied by the performance of aerobatics groups and the demonstration of the capabilities of the army aviation. They were basically attack helicopters and helicopters for landing. So, all aviation worked with Kubinka, there we tried to get in the first place.

On this day, September 9, we first of all taken to the landfill Alabino, and believe that there was something to see. Ground military equipment, which drives, swims, jumps and still and shoots, makes a strong impression. And before the show ground, in the air worked aviation, aerobatic team performances and helicopters. Acted "Falcons of Russia" on the Su-30SM, with simulated air combat, and "Knights".


Polygon "Alabino"

In spite of cold weather, it was cloudy and cold wind blew, all the spectacle was very impressive. From the screen shots and engines shook the entire grandstand for spectators and the press. Separately, close to Lake Komsomol, developed military action on the water. Here and frogmen and guidance ferry, and the crossing of a water obstacle tanks and equipment, and support of this action support helicopters Mi and Mi-35-28.

From Alabino all of us (the press) were organized to the press center of the forum. But that part of the journalists, who are closer to the aviation component, could not wait to get to Kubinka. It seems that the parking lot and taxiways in Kubinka were brought all flying and not very equipment from all over Russia. There were also civilian liners, and the famous Tu-160 and Tu-95. The technique exhibited here probably lasted a whole kilometer. This time we were brought not to the main entrance, but directly to the working parking of the aerobatic teams. Lieutenant-Colonel David Minesashvili, who accompanied us all this time and was very worried about all of us, passed our group to the major on ensuring the safety of the airfield flights. Our entire group consisted of experienced journalists, but the instruction was conducted as expected. We, the journalists, were assigned a working area between the runway and the main taxiway, where all the flying aircraft were located. We had time just to land the groups that returned from aerobatics above the training ground. One by one, the handsome "Su" sat down while we ran along the field closer to the strip.

Generally, this is rarely seen: presentation of three pilot groups in one place. "Falcons of Russia" on the Su-30SM, "Russian Knights" on the Su-27, "Swifts" MiG-29. And we were also helicopters with aerobatic program.

The international military-technical forum "Army-2016» 3

Sioux 30SM GWP "Falcons of Russia"


After the break, in the parking lots of all three groups became apparent movement. There were art and began preparations for the flight. Quicken us, empty parking lot, we filmed from all angles.

The first to launch and began to taxi to the start of the executive "Swifts". The distance between the parking and the runway is quite decent, and that we, with all the equipment had to either choose one point to shoot or run on the field. And run fast, taking the helm at the start of executive aircraft, and simultaneously shoot soaring machines.

The international military-technical forum "Army-2016» before takeoffThe international military-technical forum "Army-2016» 5The international military-technical forum "Army-2016» 6

The international military-technical forum "Army-2016» 7The international military-technical forum "Army-2016» 8The international military-technical forum "Army-2016» 9

Su-34 in anticipation of their departure


"Swifts" to work, return to base.

The international military-technical forum "Army-2016» 10


For spectators and visitors Kubinka airfield at that time worked helicopters.

The international military-technical forum "Army-2016» 11The international military-technical forum "Army-2016» 12The international military-technical forum "Army-2016» 13

"Swifts", "Knights" and "Falcons" in the common parking lot.


Run and pulled to the band "The Falcons of Russia". Sioux 30SM, not yet spoiled by the attention, as the MiG-29 or 27-Su. Among the spectators and journalists, these beauties enjoyed special attention and delighted everyone.

The international military-technical forum "Army-2016» 14

The international military-technical forum "Army-2016» 15

Sioux 30SM on the executive at the start. The entire group assembled, it is possible to take off


The international military-technical forum "Army-2016» 16

The international military-technical forum "Army-2016» 17

Rise pairs


The international military-technical forum "Army-2016» 18

Couple goes dark, the sky before the storm


The international military-technical forum "Army-2016» 19

The second pair of Su-30SM 04 and 11 take off after him.


The international military-technical forum "Army-2016» 20

The second pair of catching up with the group and goes to the Alabino


Before we break from the constant readiness, and runs across the field, as the start and taxiing "Knights".

The international military-technical forum "Army-2016» 21The international military-technical forum "Army-2016» 22The international military-technical forum "Army-2016» 23

Closing diamond Su-27 in the climb takes its place in the ranks


Before we spend queuing camera shutter planes fly away "Knights", as at the airport "fell down" Su-30. One by one, they quickly landed and was taxiing the runway to make room for the next board. Their landing took about two or three minutes, during which many of us naschelkat hundreds of frames.

The international military-technical forum "Army-2016» 24The international military-technical forum "Army-2016» 25The international military-technical forum "Army-2016» 26

Planting red fours. You can clearly see the time of release of braking parachutes.


 Clearly, quickly, orderly planes landed at the base. And while one of them sat down, the other already at that moment was driving to the parking lot. And at that moment the Yak-130 was already taking off.

The international military-technical forum "Army-2016» 27

The international military-technical forum "Army-2016» 28



For Yak after taxiing and take off the MiG-29SMT. View captured images just once. We have time to shift just a little bit and take another point shooting.

The international military-technical forum "Army-2016» 29The international military-technical forum "Army-2016» 30The international military-technical forum "Army-2016» 31

The international military-technical forum "Army-2016» 32


Machines run, taxiing and take off one after the other. We only had time to turn, in order to have time to catch the shot all the most "tasty" ...

The international military-technical forum "Army-2016» 33

The international military-technical forum "Army-2016» 34

And finally takes off and goes to heaven hero Syrian sky, bomber Su-34


The international military-technical forum "Army-2016» 35



As we saw off last departing aircraft returned to base "Knights". Without pausing for breath, we only had time to film the side sitting down.

The international military-technical forum "Army-2016» 36


The photo shows a hinged lid starts braking parachute compartment. The difference in time between this and the previous image 2 seconds!

The international military-technical forum "Army-2016» 37The international military-technical forum "Army-2016» 38The international military-technical forum "Army-2016» 39

The international military-technical forum "Army-2016» 40

The international military-technical forum "Army-2016» 41


Engines finally subside, equipment covers aircraft parking slowly emptying. On flights now ended. We are, in scattered all over the parking lot, get together in a group and taken to the CEC "Patriot". Here we have time to explore the ground equipment and coffee.

In 19.00 appointed departure to Moscow.

The international military-technical forum "Army-2016» 42

The author Valery Smirnov


The international military-technical forum "Army-2016» 43

Friend, colleague and in some teacher Dmitry BuberAuthor and creator of the site A3 Air.



Article about one day Offline "Army-2016» for Avia.Pro Valery Smirnov wrote. Photo by the author.



Army-2016. Part 2.

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