Army Aviation Fleet
Army Aviation Fleet

Army Aviation Fleet

Due to the collapse of the Soviet Union, army, air force, navy, which form the basis of the defense complex of any country, Russia suffered heavy losses. The collapse of the material and technical base has the effect of a general deterioration of army affairs. Army and crime are increasingly fused. It occurred commercialization of semi-legal forces.

The entire system of military training had been razed to the ground. And, although officers regularly reported to the contrary, more than half of conscripts, in practice, during his military service, were not engaged in military training at all. At the same time, they are often issued "fake" documents the assignment of a particular military specialty, and it happened that - the soldiers and would not know what to do.

Army Aviation Fleet 2

Army Aviation Fleet

Representatives of other nationalities (mainly Muslim by religion) often evaded service in the Russian army, believing it is shameful for themselves. And those who served, there were set a very negative. The Russian army was completely demoralized.

The Russian military aircraft fared somewhat better. Aviators - people are disciplined, and were trying to preserve what has got the Russian Air Force after the collapse of the Union. The reform 2009 year strategic long-range aviation has registered at air bases: they are scattered throughout the country.

On the strategic air bases stationed warplanes carried out training flights, operate flight schools and courses. In the field of military aircraft conducted search operations to create a new perspective of the plane.

Army Aviation Fleet 2323

Army Aviation Fleet

The sad fate and naval forces did not pass. The material base of the Russian fleet for a few years of the so-called "reforms" was subjected to colossal spontaneous destruction. In fact, there was some unsystematic reduction of the Navy, although the maximum service life of many ships was still far in the future.

The main task, which is now standing in front of the Russian navy - not to lose what is left, and qualitatively improve the educational and personnel training. We must work to make the Russian fleet again and effective defenses.