AS.30 QueenWasp
AS.30 QueenWasp

AS.30 QueenWasp

In 1935 year it started operation of the first radio-controlled aircraft in the UK such as "Queen Bee", which was manufactured by de Havilland. After making the complex passed the test flight, which showed the poor quality of management and flight. After that was released two more machine type and Q.35 Q.32, who had a great flight speed and significantly better control.

In parallel, Airspeed manufactured and submitted to the commission its own unmanned vehicle type AS.30 Queen Wasp. It should be noted that at once two such machines were manufactured, the first was a land plane, and the second one was a watercraft with a float chassis system. Both variants were completely made of wood, only the wings and part of the fuselage were covered with a thick cloth. This machine is also very famous as the "royal wasp". The first land-based radio-controlled land model produced in summer 1937 year. The device had a closed cabin in which the pilot's seat was installed in the event of a remote control system failure.

It should be noted that the system of wing AS.30 Queen Wasp was quite well thought out, they had ailerons, flaps, but nevertheless real tests showed poor governance and stability. With regard to the maritime variant, it is also not distinguished by good performance. Yet the RAF made a purchase order 65 such machines. The end result was transferred to three devices, then the order was canceled and 5 partially manned aircraft have not been completed yet.

As for the flight performance of an AS.30 QueenWasp unmanned aircraft, it could climb to an altitude of 6,1 kilometers and reach speeds of up to 277 km / h, and that was excellent performance for those years. 

AS.30 QueenWasp. Characteristics:

Modification     AS.30
Wingspan, m 9.45
Aircraft Length m 7.42
Height, m 3.07
Wing area, m2  
Weight, kg  
empty 1588
normal takeoff 1724
engine's type 1 PD Armstrong Siddeley Cheetah IX
Power, hp X 1 350
Maximum speed km / h 277
Cruising speed, km / h 246
Practical ceiling, m 6100


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