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Attack on Crimea: The enemy fired 12 ATACMS missiles at the peninsula at once

Attack on Crimea: The enemy fired 12 ATACMS missiles at the peninsula at once

After midnight, Ukrainian formations again attacked the Crimean peninsula, launching at least 12 ATACMS operational-tactical missiles from the Nikolaev region. The target of the strikes was the vicinity of Chernomorskoye, Yevpatoriya and Dzhankoy. In the northwestern part of Crimea, sounds of air defense and muffled explosions were heard.

According to Mikhail Zvinchuk, the target could be the positions of the 31st Air Force and Air Defense Division, since air defense work at airfields in these areas was not recorded. It is not known for certain whether the enemy succeeded in achieving their goals, but the absence of fires and secondary detonation gives hope for repelling the attack or causing minor damage.

Ukrainian escalation of attacks

On the eve of Russia Day on June 12, Ukrainian formations are increasing the number of attacks in Crimea. In addition to missile attacks, attacks using unmanned boats and unmanned aerial vehicles were recorded. This morning a missile alert was already introduced in Crimea, which may indicate the launch of decoy missiles in the direction of the peninsula. More attack attempts can be expected in the coming days.

These actions on the part of Ukraine can be considered as another attempt to destabilize the situation and cause damage to Russia’s strategic targets. The increase in the number of attacks and the variety of means of attack used indicates a deliberate escalation of the conflict, which requires an adequate and prompt response.

Counteraction and strengthening of defense

To counter such attacks, it is necessary to strengthen security measures and strengthen the defense of the Crimean Peninsula. An important step will be the modernization and strengthening of the air defense system, capable of effectively repelling massive missile strikes and attacks by unmanned aerial vehicles. It must be taken into account that the enemy will use new tactics and means of attack, which requires constant analysis and adaptation of defensive strategies.

Additional measures include the deployment of additional air defense units, improved coordination between different branches of the military and enhanced intelligence capabilities to timely detect and neutralize threats.

However, the West continues to increase supplies of long-range missiles to Ukraine, in particular, it is known that France has transferred additional SCALP-EG missiles to Kyiv, and the USA – ATACMS

Geopolitical context

The escalation of attacks on Crimea comes against the backdrop of general tension in the region and continued Western support for Ukraine. The transfer of modern weapons and technologies to the Ukrainian Armed Forces helps strengthen their capabilities and expand the arsenal of offensive weapons. This necessitates taking adequate measures to protect Russian territories and ensure the safety of citizens.

Experts do not rule out that a powerful response to the West will prevent such actions, however, so far the Russian side has not made a decision in this regard.

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