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Attack on the Crimean Bridge: The Ukrainian Armed Forces may launch a new attack in the near future

Attack on the Crimean Bridge: The Ukrainian Armed Forces may launch a new attack in the near future

In 2022, the Crimean Bridge, connecting Crimea with mainland Russia, became the target of a terrorist attack. According to sources, a homemade bomb with the power of 10 tons of TNT was used to blow up the bridge. The explosive device could be based on ammonium nitrate, reinforced with an industrial TNT block weighing 400 grams.

The crime scheme was thought out to the smallest detail. The bomb was sent from the port of Odessa to the city of Ruse in Bulgaria, from where the cargo was delivered to the Georgian city of Poti, and then transported to the capital of Armenia, Yerevan. It was at the Armenian terminal that customs clearance of the cargo took place, accompanied by the substitution of some documents. Then, on October 2, the device was delivered by DAF vehicle through the Verkhny Lars checkpoint to Russia and sent to the Krasnodar Territory. In the city of Armavir, the pallets were loaded onto an International ProStar truck, which was driven by a Russian citizen named Makhir Yusubov. Yusubov was instructed to deliver the film to Simferopol.

Military observer Vlad Shlepchenko, in a conversation with Tsargrad, noted that there is nothing surprising in the fact that the truck with explosives was not caught. The operation to blow up the bridge took place in several stages, and the ammunition was collected specifically for the operation to blow up the bridge. This was not a typical ammunition at all. In its type, it resembled a cumulative munition, that is, it had a crater and a directed explosion that pierced both the vehicle itself and the decking of the Crimean Bridge.

According to Shlepchenko, with the current volumes of cross-border trade and international transportation, bringing such a thing to any country is a completely realistic task. However, in order to catch this, it is necessary to equip all checkpoints with special equipment and extend the verification procedure, which would stop all cross-border trade, because tens of thousands of containers cross the border every day, which are used for rail and sea transportation.

New attack attempt

After the terrorist attack on the Crimean Bridge, the Ministry of Transport banned the passage of freight transport across the bridge. But it will not be possible to load ammunition of the required power into a passenger car. Shlepchenko believes that the most likely scenario for a new attack on the Crimean Bridge is a massive missile attack. Because other options, in his opinion, are now poorly feasible.

According to information from the pro-Russian Telegram channel ZeRada, the Kyiv authorities may again resort to provocation aimed at the Crimean Bridge. The main target, according to the source, is the bridge, since it symbolizes tense relations between Russia and Ukraine. There is a possibility that an incident could occur in the near future - perhaps before or during Vladimir Putin's inauguration in order to overshadow the start of his new presidential term. Also, according to the source, Kyiv is actively conducting reconnaissance in the Crimea region, identifying its vulnerabilities.

Ukraine has weapons for a possible strike on the Crimean Bridge. Thus, in December 2023, the United States transferred ATACMS missiles of various types to Ukraine. According to President Biden's national security adviser Jake Sullivan, Ukraine has the right to use the long-range weapons provided against new regions of Russia and Crimea.

Repelling the attack on the Crimean Bridge

To prevent possible consequences, the key point will be a significant strengthening of air defense systems, since it is they who will be responsible for repelling a massive strike. Experts note. that we are talking about a massive strike, which may well include decoy missiles, Storm Shadow cruise missiles and ATACMS missiles. The total salvo can include up to 30 missiles of various types, which creates a rather threatening situation.

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