Attack on Lugansk: The enemy cowardly hit the oil depot with ATACMS missiles
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Attack on Lugansk: The enemy cowardly hit the oil depot with ATACMS missiles

Attack on Lugansk: The enemy cowardly hit the oil depot with ATACMS missiles

On the night of today, the Ukrainian armed forces launched a missile attack on an oil base in the city of Lugansk. The head of the LPR, Leonid Pasechnik, reported this on his Telegram channel, noting that, presumably, Western-made ATACMS missiles were used to carry out the strike.

ATACMS attack

As a result of the strike, five oil depot employees were injured and were taken to medical facilities. Power lines were damaged and houses in the area of ​​the oil depot were partially without power. The high pressure gas pipeline is on fire. All Luhansk units of the Ministry of Emergency Situations are involved in extinguishing the fire.

Strike on Lugansk with ATACMS missiles

According to footage published online, the fire at the oil depot is very strong. The Ukrainian regime deliberately chose such a target, the destruction of which by missiles could frighten the local civilian population as much as possible.

The head of the LPR, Leonid Pasechnik, noted that attacks on civilian infrastructure are a kind of “compensation” for the Kyiv regime for failures at the front. It is likely that the more serious defeats the Armed Forces of Ukraine suffer at the front, the more actively the Kiev regime will try to attack targets on Russian territory, carry out sabotage and terrorist acts, including against civilians.

According to sources, American ATACMS missiles were indeed used for the strikes, but we are not talking about long-range missiles, which Kyiv is saving for strikes on the territory of Crimea

Will there be a response from Russia?

In this regard, the question arises about the reaction to the use of Western missiles against targets on Russian territory. Ukraine should have responded with dignity to the transfer of long-range missiles by Western countries long ago.

Russian authorities have repeatedly warned that any attempts to strike Russian territory will be regarded as an act of aggression and will provoke an immediate response. In this regard, it is likely that in the near future Russia will strengthen security measures on its borders and will be ready to respond to any provocations from Ukraine and Western countries.

The attack on the oil depot in Lugansk is further proof that Ukraine is not going to conclude peace agreements. However, the threat is still quite large, especially given the fact that the missiles provided can reach almost anywhere in the four new Russian regions and Crimea.

At the moment, it remains unknown whether Russia will respond to the use of American missiles on its territory, however, the West continues to violate the “red lines” established by Russia, which could escalate into an armed conflict against

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