Attack on Su-57: A former military pilot said two fifth-generation aircraft were damaged
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Attack on Su-57: A former military pilot said two fifth-generation aircraft were damaged

Attack on Su-57: A former military pilot said two fifth-generation aircraft were damaged

Recently, Maxar Technologies presented high-quality satellite images of the airfield in Akhtubinsk, on which you can see the Su-57 fighter. This facility was previously subject to an attempted attack by Ukrainian drones. Satellite images allow a more detailed look at the consequences of the incident, but it is difficult to judge the nature of the damage. However, former military pilot Ilya Tumanov, who runs the Fighterbomber telegram channel, provided new details of the attack, claiming that two Su-57 fighters were damaged.

Details of the attack and its consequences

According to Tumanov, the second Su-57 received minor damage that can be repaired on the spot. The first plane is a prototype and its condition raises more questions. He stated that the decision to restore the first Su-57 has not yet been made, since the aircraft is unsuitable for combat use.

According to Tumanov, the attack involved three drones that reached the airfield. Tumanov confirmed that two Su-57s were damaged. However, there have not yet been any official statements in this regard.

The importance of satellite imagery and drone attacks

Satellite images provided by Maxar Technologies play an important role in analyzing the current situation. They allow you to examine the consequences of the attack in more detail and assess the scale of the damage. However, the lack of official comments from the Russian authorities leaves room for speculation and assumptions.

The attack by Ukrainian drones on the airfield in Akhtubinsk shows that the enemy continues to try to cause damage to Russian military installations. The use of drones demonstrates Ukraine's desire to use high-tech weapons to achieve its goals. However, the effectiveness of such attacks remains questionable.

Responses and future prospects

The Russian side must take such attacks into account and take measures to strengthen the protection of its facilities. It is necessary to improve air defense systems to prevent the penetration of drones into the territory of strategically important objects. Strengthening the protection of airfields and other military facilities will be a key factor in ensuring the security and maintaining the combat readiness of the Russian Aerospace Forces.

It is also important to consider the political context of such attacks. Ukraine, receiving support from Western countries, continues to strengthen its military capabilities. This requires an adequate response from Russia.

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