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ATR 72 (APR 72)


ATR 72 - family near and medium-range turboprop passenger aircraft, destined for regional and local airlines.

Aircraft ATR 72, developed by the French-Italian aircraft Concern «Avions de Transport Regional», as a continuation of a family of short-haul aircraft ATR 42. The ATR family of aircraft capable of carrying up to 72 74 passengers at a distance of two thousand kilometers at a cruising speed 460 kilometers per hour.

The main difference from the aircraft ATR 72 aircraft ATR 42It is extended to 4,5 meters, fuselage, wing span larger, and the presence of more powerful turboprop engines. Also on the ATR aircraft 72, used by a large proportion of composite materials, the weight of which is up to 20 percent by weight of the airframe.

The aircraft is built on the principle of high-wing monoplane with a trapezoidal shape, and "T" -shaped tail. two turbovintelyatornyh engine mounted under the wings.

ATR 72 2

Design work on the ATR aircraft 72, 1985 began in the year, during the start of operation of aircraft ATR 42-300.

The first prototype of the aircraft was designated ATR 72-100 and was equipped with PW124B engines from Pratt & Whitney.

For the first time the ATR aircraft 72 prototype flew on October 27 1988 years. In Europe

the aircraft was certified in September 1989. In October of the same year, deliveries of the aircraft to the airline began. The first commercial aircraft operator was the Finnish air carrier KAR AIR. The first production model of the ATR 72, powered by 124 hp PW2400B engines, was designated the ATR 72-200 and was capable of carrying up to 66 passengers. In 1992, the consortium released a modified version of the base model, the ATR 72-210, powered by the more powerful Pratt & Whitney Canada PW127 2750 hp motors. and an enlarged cargo door. The improved version made it possible to accommodate up to 74 passenger seats in its passenger compartment. Also, this version was better suited to hot climates with high ambient temperatures.

In January, a new version of the aircraft was certified 1997 years, designated as ATR 72-212A. In this version of the installed engines turbovintelyatornye PW127F, equipped with six-bladed propellers. Later this version was renamed ATR 72-500. Other improvements in the modification concerned increased automation, installing newer avionics, as well as increasing capacity.

ATR 72 Salon

In 2007 October, it was announced on the production version of the ATR 72-600. Deliveries of the airline, which began in the year 2010. This version is equipped with new engines PW127M, which on takeoff power to 5% effective previous engines. On ATR 72-600, in the cockpit is equipped with modern navigation equipment and avionics manufacturing Thales Group. Now all the flight information displayed on five multifunctional LCD screens. Also, to improve the safety of flight by plane multi-purpose computer is used (MPC).

The ATR 72-600 made its maiden flight on July 24, 2009. The first company to order new aircraft was Royal Air Maroc Express. And in October 2011, Air New Zealand purchased 11 ATR 72-600 aircraft.

Also based on the ATR aircraft 72, were released, luxury, cargo and transportation modifications.

To date built about 615 ATR 72 family aircraft.

ATR 72 interior scheme


Technical characteristics of the aircraft ATR 72:

  • The first flight of ATR 72: 28 1988 October, the

  • Production Years: c 1988 years

  • Length: 27,16 m.

  • Height: 7,65 m.

  • Empty weight: 12500 kg.

  • Wing area: 61 sq.m.

  • Wingspan: 27,05 m.

  • Cruising speed: 460 km / h

  • Maximum speed: 530 km / h..

  • Ceiling: 7600 m.

  • Practical flight range: 2200 km.

  • Ferry range: 3600 km.

  • Length of takeoff: 1220 m.

  • path length: 1050 m.

  • Engines: 2 TVD PW124B, PW127F

  • Crew: 2 people

  • Number of passengers: up to 74 seats in economy class


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