Accident at Russian aircraft
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Accident at Russian aircraft

Accident at Russian aircraft 


Accident at Russian aircraft in recent years, no more or less than usual. Aircraft, a technique, and the technique has the ability to break down. It does not matter, it is domestic or foreign.

Working in aviation for many years, I heard this saying, "Do not touch equipment and it will not let you down." This is of course a joke. In aviation, there are clearly scheduled regulatory work (RR). They are prescribed for any type of aircraft based on the recommendations of the design bureau and the manufacturers' factories. RR are prescribed even for vehicles that do not fly, but it is possible to fly. 50-, 100-, etc. Hour works imply certain actions to inspect, replace, prevent the airframe of the aircraft, its engine (engines), all equipment. The work of the aircraft as a whole, and its aggregates and equipment separately are recorded. Counting the flight hours and ground. Routine work helped prevent a lot of trouble.

What is happening in Russia.

First you need to understand that we have there are three types of aircraft:

  • Military aviation

  • civil Aviation

  • AON general purpose aircraft, it is also small aircraft, here enters and private aviation


Problems of military aviation voiced by the Russian Defense Ministry. Systemic causes of accidents in the military, are primarily in the lack of qualified aircraft maintenance personnel.

4-7 years ago, there was a large reduction in pilots and technicians in the Russian Air Force.

On the one hand the government adopted a program to modernize the aircraft, on the other hand are the reduction of staff, reducing recruitment in flight and technical schools.

In Stalin's time such actions were called "sabotage" and "undermining the defense capacity." Such actions entailed draw conclusions with the completion of the new camps zekami.

I am not nostalgic for those days, but the recent history of Russia is replete with obvious facts of direct action aimed at worsening the situation in the army and in the aviation industry in particular.

Now the Defense Ministry and other authorities to decide to call again retired specialists or reduce a student in military high schools of the country. Or do both.

And someone's "bright" head, another guardian of the Fatherland (or group of animals), a few years ago decided to decrease the status of aviation professionals.

Absurd! Technology is complicated. Outside 21 century, and we have specialist technical staff transferred to the officers' posts on praporschitskie, and then did the sergeant-contract! How is it possible not to understand? Who needed to be changed to clearly establish the scheme in aviation: higher education, aviation engineer, technical training, aircraft technician, the average mechanic?

And all aircraft were equipped with air squadrons group-mechanics soldiers, warrant officers and junior officers, technicians, and senior officers of the heads of groups, senior engineers. What is the "fifth" column could break clear system?

Enduring slogan "-up to the ground, and then ...". That's right, all demolished first, and then ... we will rebuild what was demolished!

According to representatives of Ministry of Defense, the first professionals we expect to 2018 year, I hope it will be a pro.

In the civil aviation problems similar. Lack of professionals.

I do not take the ground staff, crew get people bought "crusts" pilots, or passed VLEK (medical flight expert committee) on acquaintance. Crew commander flying people that do not have access to the type of aircraft, and sometimes to multiimpellent aircraft. That is, roughly speaking, to peresevshie AN-2 at the helm of any "passenger".

en-2 accident

It should be understood that in aviation not as a road: if you've got the right of a passenger car, you can drive to any of them.

In aviation, we need tolerance on each particular type of aircraft! A dopusk- this study, export flight simulator, taking tests, and then fly with an instructor, then as co-pilot.

However, the bulk of airline carriers, private companies, and the issue with the staff decide for themselves. And therefore it is our safety in the hands of these same companies HR.


And move on to the incidents that cause concern to the public and the authorities. This incident Caller ID or small aircraft.

There are several reasons not to reduce the accident rate in this sector.

Here, and not properly trained technician. And attempts to make unauthorized "pokatushki", with no experience, no permits for commercial operations or access to them. Hence the increase in the number of victims in disasters. It's one thing when it is not very experienced pilot on the plane is not very prepared, ruin yourself a maximum with his friend. They are quite aware of all the risk of such an event even when drunk.

It's quite another thing when the people invited are far from aviation, women, children, tempted by the romance of flight and guarantees complete safety. They lay out the money for "pokatushki" not really aware that the pilot is not experienced, is not approved for commercial operations, sit down and fly, not realizing that the deadly risk.

Light aircraft became available. Its cost has become comparable to the cost good car. There was a demand for flight training, and an even greater demand for the documents, licenses, certificates.

And since there is demand, then there is supply. And there are "crusts", certificates, approvals. Everything can be bought by VLEK, certification, admission to one or another type of aircraft (aircraft). Permission for commercial flights ("pokatushki").

After the last crash near Moscow, when a helicopter collided in the air and float plane, again appeared people- opinion in authority "to prohibit and do not let go", "to tighten and cause problems." But after we have already passed. It just gave the possibility of corruption among aviation officials.

But why not simplify many of the procedures related to the issuance of certificates, Sun registrations, licenses to fly? Why honest person who wants to fly must go through all the circles of hell, to all formally issue? It may take years (and thousands of money).

Out of any situation there. We need interested people who care, and have the power to combining their efforts will make Russian airspace safer, affordable, and truly transparent.


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