air agency
Air Agency. Advantages and disadvantages of cooperation

Air Agency. Advantages and disadvantages of cooperation


To date sufficiently developed so-called other agencies offer assistance in a variety of services, ranging from the sale of tickets to various destinations and ending with help in transporting various types of goods and the sale of other parts to aircraft of all types. Indeed, such support is simply indispensable, especially for all those who prefer to save their time on the independent search of something suitable for the required parameters.



Depending on the focus of their activities, other agency would be:

  • Provides services to civilian passenger traffic;
  • Providing the sale of tickets;
  • Providing services for air transportation of cargo;
  • Is available in the air transport leasing;
  • Provides repair services and sales of spare parts for aircraft.


This is not a full list of services implemented by other agencies, but osnvnaya their part.


Air Agency. Advantages and disadvantages of cooperation



Like any other intermediary in the provision of services, air agency can have both some advantages and some disadvantages.

The advantages that can be any other agency, are as follows:

  • Save time;
  • Competence approach to the provision of services of any kind;
  • Providing exclusive services;
  • Responsibility for the services provided.


Disadvantages, which may have any other agency, is also not unimportant:

  • The high cost of services, given that we have to work through a kind of mediator;
  • Force Majeure.


Thus, as you can independently verify this collection agency as a partner is beneficial only if the services provided by them are not very different from working directly, but otherwise, for every action on the part of your agents will have to pay an additional fee that naturally disadvantageous.