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Today, aviation is often associated with art, and this applies not only to the skill of piloting aircraft, but also to the aircraft themselves, aviation of the past, present and even future, etc. All this, to one degree or another, was reflected in art, and received the general name of aviation art.


Avia art as a piece of art


The main concepts of air art today are the display of the world of aviation in pictures, drawings, video, etc. Components of world art. As well as any other subculture, aviar art has a number of distinctive features, among which it is necessary to highlight the presence of dynamism, the use of unusual angles, realism, and independent of what era the author intends to reflect his art. No less important factor in the art of aviation is the presence of a large number of small details, both in the background and in the foreground, and the background itself should not attract attention to itself, but only complement the overall picture.



Modern cultural figures pay the greatest attention to the retrospective, that is, the display of the aviation of the past, and this can refer to both pre-existing events and unreal ones. As a rule, modern trends indicate that military aviation is more popular, but in this case there is a division according to the period of the Second World War.



It is also worth mentioning that other art can find its reflection in the form of images printed on airplanes and helicopters in the form of war paint. This art (noseart) in recent years is gaining more and more development, moreover, the situation is not to cause coloring in the likeness of the combat, and clearly highlight the aircraft itself, thereby improving the morale of the pilot and demoralizing opponents.


Air Art in the United States


It was the first time in the United States put the art air art when, during World War II fighter aircraft and bombers brightly painted their combat planes, with at first it was something unusual - the pilot of the aircraft applied to the image of girls. Somewhat later, in combat aircraft, helicopters and later appear frightening and demotivating pictures - on the similarity of the flying bullets, sharks, eagle, etc.



It is an art in the United States continues to grow and at the moment, and, it is worth noting that the pilots of planes rather than trying to please themselves in this regard, but simply to show that their plane or helicopter better than others.


Air Art in Russia



As it is surprising it may seem, but the art air art appeared in Russia as in the days of the Second World War, but here is not depicted girls and things much more patriotic - red stars, portraits of leaders, in particular, it referred to Lenin and Stalin.



After the end of World War II, aviation art temporarily ceased to exist, and revived only towards the 80-90 years of the last century, but not to the extent as it was before. On combat aircraft and helicopters began to appear images of wild animals, such as lions, tigers, lynxes, wolves and quite abstract images. Today, air art usually only used on formal occasions with the aeronautical engineering, and even then, it is rather rare.

Beauty care art certainly is amazing, it is not only non-standard approach to the cultural component, but also really spectacular, which certainly captures the spirit of everyone who sees a combat air vehicle, painted in sverhordinarnogo style.