air crash
Air accident. Most mysterious plane crash

Air accident. Most mysterious plane crash


Despite the fact that modern aviation is developing very high pace, create the perfect aircraft for the moment is not possible, in view of which occur and air crash and the crash. Of course, part of the air crashes finds its rationale, for example, due to engine failure, loss of control, loss of pressurization, military conflicts, pilots errors, etc., but there are also the crash, which may explain not even meticulous experts and participants of the investigation.


Air accident modernity


The most famous story air accident, even if not confirmed at today is the so-called flight MH370 who mysteriously disappeared from the radar of air traffic controllers all over the night of March 8 2014 years and search for the missing aircraft continues to the present day. Mysteriously in this story it is the fact that around the crash involving the Malaysian aircraft has passed a lot of time, but so far no trace of its possible or debris could not be found. Search operation flight MH370 belonged "Malaysia Airlines"It has already lasted for more than half a year and has become the longest and most expensive in the history of aviation, but so far no results failed to achieve this.



According to preliminary information, the aircraft could be hijacked, but the facts show that it would be zasechёn radar stations in other countries in any raze, but this was not confirmed. It has been repeatedly demonstrated satellite images, indicating a possible place airliner fall, its fragments, traces of oil stains from the fuel, and so on, but none of the versions has not been confirmed conclusively.

Another mysterious plane crash complementary list of the most mysterious air accidents of modern times is the incident with a passenger plane belonging to airline "Air France". In 2009, flight 447 crashed in the Atlantic Ocean under no less mysterious circumstances - in the time before the plane crash, and as it later became known it was about 10 minutes, the pilots did not report any emergencies on board, although the airliner was already rapidly losing its height approaching the ocean surface. In a mysterious air accident, 228 people died, but the reason for the longest time has not been established, although it is officially believed that the error of the pilot who turned off the automatic piloting mode was to blame.



For a number of unofficial versions, cause air crash of the French passenger liner was the failure of the onboard computer, causing the pilots lost contact and control of the aircraft.


Air accident. Mysteries of the past years


One of the most mysterious air accidents in the history of aviation was a plane crash, at least according to the official version of the investigation that took place in 1947. A passenger plane en route from Santiago to Buenos Aires disappeared into the mountain range just a few minutes before landing, but its wreckage was found only 50 years later. What exactly happened to the plane remains unknown, however, it became known from official documents that the pilot of the aircraft, a few seconds before the accident, managed to broadcast a message in Morse code - "STENDEC". The mystery of the transmitted message has not been solved until now, however, there is an assumption that either the pilot made a mistake in typing the word, or the transmitter could have worked independently when the plane hit.



No less mysterious is the plane crash of 1999, when a passenger airliner of the Egyptian airline “EgyptAir” fell into the Atlantic Ocean under circumstances that have not yet been clarified. On board the aircraft were 217 people, all of whom died. It would seem that this can be attributed to various reasons, ranging from a pilot error and ending with a technical malfunction, but there is one significant detail in this air accident - when decoding the flight recorders from the cockpit, it was found that literally a few moments before the crash occurred, the co-pilot told the captain of the aircraft that he had stopped the engines and hoped for God.



These most mysterious in the history of the crash aircraft are just another reminder that aircraft designers in the near future, care must be taken to make the aircraft as safe as possible for the movement, and it is worth noting that now the work is being done that certainly will protect all passengers in air travel in the near future, will reduce the number of air accidents and disasters.