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The designers of the first aircraft could not even imagine what will happen to their creation through 30-40 years. The first flights took place at the Moscow hippodrome. Russian pilot Utochkin not allowed to rise above the fence to those who have not bought a ticket to the show were not able to see the flight of the aircraft. Although at the time the aircraft climbed only a few centimeters from the ground, so the tenant would not have to worry about it.

Louis Bleriot, French aviator, flew for the first time through the Strait of the English Channel from Calais to Dover. His flight was 35 km without landing. The news shocked the world, and it took the biggest achievement in the field of technology. Then the average speed of the aircraft was 88 km / h. If you are interested in the latest news of aviation, you can always find them on our website air-avia.

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Since L. Bleriot flight aviation development went fairly actively. Its capabilities have been used in the national economy and in the hostilities. All is well aware that air transport is an important means of transportation and a serious military weapons. To learn more about the history of aviation, read the news on the air-avia.

Since then, experts have begun to work in three main areas: increasing the speed, altitude and range. Many modern factories and companies involved in aircraft construction, continue to move the idea of ​​designers, finding new solutions. And all the events in the world of aviation portal will tell you air-avia.

If 30 years ago, the plane could develop just such a speed that would satisfy the audience and himself a pilot, but now the air transport moves at a speed of up to 300 500 km per hour. Professional designers continue their attempts to increase the speed of flight.

In general, the world speed record was delivered by the pilot Francesco Andello in 1934 year. Then he managed to develop incredible speed on the plane "McKee-Castoldi" - 709 km per hour. However, this does not mean that other aircraft can move at the same speed. It was a seaplane designed to reach a record. Powerful seaplane motor had very poor strength. In addition, he could only work for several hours. After the flight, the motor and seaplane flaunted in the museum, where they stand to this day. Serial models are much stronger, so their weight is larger. They have different weapons and equipment, which also increases weight. Serial motors are heavier, more reliable and not so powerful. The difference between the speed of record and serial machines is constantly decreasing, and the time will come when even ordinary aircraft can develop the speed that previously seemed unattainable. Therefore, try constantly to follow the news of avia-avia.

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The desire to increase the speed is understandable. The increase in speed in civil aviation will ensure the fastest delivery of cargo and passengers from one point to another. Nowadays, many prefer to use air communication, and in the near future it will become as familiar and ordinary as rail. Also speed is of great importance for military aviation. It is clear that a high-speed car will accomplish a combat mission faster and better. It's harder to hit than a sluggish car, which is an easier target. A high-speed aircraft has special advantages in aerial combat, as you probably read on the avia-avia portal.

Modern aircraft models bear little resemblance to their ancestors. Almost all companies produce sleek monoplanes with no protruding parts, countersunk riveting, smooth skin, a variable pitch propeller and retractable landing gear in flight.

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