"Air" cars from aircraft to trucks
"Air" cars from aircraft to trucks

"Air" cars (the car), from aircraft to trucks

Avia nowadays covers a group of trucks weighing from 6,5 to 12 tons with its efficient production program. The total weight of the car with the trailer can reach up to 12 990 kg, which provides favorable operating costs. “Avia” cars in the coming months will prepare a new model with the rear axle suspension, as well as with the possibility of a lower suspension.

As is well known, "Air" auto manufactures its trucks in the Czech Republic, on the site of a former aircraft factory. These trucks are firmly gained high popularity in Russia since the days of the former Soviet Union. They represent a range of modern European trucks belonging to the category "D", with a total weight of up to 6 12 tons.

Trucks Group is well equipped, making them popular in the country of origin and in countries around the world. All are well aware of how important the role of the "Air" cars in modern airports of the country.

History of the Prague plant "Air" is rather unusual. This is a serious company, which opened in 1919 year. Over the next ten years, it was engaged in the construction of aircraft, the name of which corresponded to the title company. The original design of individual fighters, license "Messerschmitt", "Fockers" and then laborers IL-14 - And this, of course, not all the products of the plant.

Avia AV-14-32 - under that name in Czechoslovakia produced IL-14

Avia AV-14-32 - under that name in Czechoslovakia produced IL-14

However, in 1960, the company "Air" all of a sudden down to earth and has been producing trucks "Prague". As it turned out in the near future, cars have become sought-after aircraft factory and decided to completely abandon the creation of a flying technique. That is why the "Air" cars on its emblem has an image hovering gulls.

Today, the purchase of "Air" cars - quite a favorable decision, since they produce a wide range and competitive prices, especially when compared with the same functionality on popular European vehicles manufacturers. The manufacturer positions Lorries as successful in terms of price and quality. It offers a good alternative to commercial automotive technology from Japan, Korea and Europe.

Trucks of this brand have a high comfort and ergonomics. Their appearance does not concede more famous counterparts. The chassis features high strength. It should be noted, and excellent build quality. Sale of "Air" cars made many specialized companies offering a wide range of model series, from which you can easily select the most suitable option for their own purposes.

Avia car

Avia car

All vehicles are equipped with engines of serious concern capacity (160-185 hp..), But they meet all the requirements for environmental safety, which dictate European standards.

Also, we should note worthy truck cab, which, thanks to a wide overview corner, thoughtful design, and the convenient location of devices, managed to win the love of experienced drivers. However, each truck can implement additional features that will further enhance the level of comfort.

As mentioned above, the trucks "Air" cars have gained popularity due to the surprising combination of high-quality, operational reliability and low cost. And one of the reasons that such a combination of positive performance was made possible - is the story of the group. Even before World War II, the company engaged in the production of aircraft, which was very demanding on quality.