Air battles. Past, present and future
Air battles. Past, present and future

Air battles. Past, present and future


Modern air combat air already quite different from those which occurred during the early part of the sky. If previously the main indicator was the power of the aircraft and the number of installed on it guns, then today the factors providing professional art of air combat, are collectively taken arms, the power characteristics of aircraft, maneuverability, speed, the element of surprise, tactics and professionalism of the military pilot .


Air battles past


Earlier, combat aircraft were equipped with several guns in order to create the maximum striking ability for enemy air assets. As a rule, for this purpose, water-cooled machine guns were used. The water cooling of the guns was used so that as soon as the enemy appeared in the firing zone, the pilot could use armament, and this was done without saving ammunition. The power of the engine of the combat aircraft was the most important factor ensuring maneuverability in the conduct of air combat - the aircraft could be accelerated sharply, change the angle of attack, enter a steep peak and climb sharply, and, it is worth acknowledging, this indeed worked in some cases without fail.



As a rule, the tactics of the pilots of combat aircraft in the past has been very limited, mainly used techniques such as:

  • Brute-force;
  • Sunset on the execution of the attack on the sunny side;
  • Attack from the peak;



Of course, every military pilot to choose their own approach to air combat, but due to lack of proper weapons underdeveloped aviakonstruktorskoy activities, tactics in aerial combat, as a rule, lacking.



The greatest contribution to air fights and their development, of course, made by German pilots who have developed faster than the other military affairs and had enough money to carry out tests. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that at present the German pilots have an average experience in the conduct air fights, but to a greater extent due to the fact that there have been changes in attitudes militaristic Germans themselves.


Air combat this


Modern aircraft and helicopters can conduct air combat at high speeds and using almost any weaponry. At present, the most important condition for conducting professional air combat is, of course, the tactics and strategy of military pilots, because if earlier the air means were calculated only a few air battles, today's fighters can conduct air battles with several opponents at once, and sometimes it May not depend on how modern are enemy planes - the whole thing is usually in tactics.



Most modern combat aircraft and helicopters, as a rule, have on their armament various guns, in particular, they can be missiles (guided and unguided), aircraft cannons, bombs, etc. As a rule, the weapons used on board the combat aircraft are not so important for today, as only a few hits (sometimes one) from an air cannon are sufficient to dislodge enemy air assets from combat. Nevertheless, as it was said before, tactics and strategy used in air battles are the main means of achieving victory.

The tactics of aerial combat Russian aircraft, as a rule, is in anticipation of the approach of enemy air assets at a distance of opening fire, that is, the Russian military pilots to seek to strike the plane before it starts to fire on their own.



The tactics of the US Air Force is based primarily on a covert approach to the target, ie, the military pilots seeking to defeat at a time until the enemy is not expecting it. In some cases, this strategy is quite successful, but only in the case when the pilot has no special radar equipment or communications with the ground.

Experts hold the version that more success in air battles can be achieved due to the high maneuverability of aircraft, and currently is being worked aircraft designers.


Air battles of the future


Of course, today is quite difficult to imagine a world without wars, and therefore is likely to reflect on how the air battles will take place in the near future.



Probably, it is necessary to imagine that will be an important factor in disguise, and work in this direction are already underway in full swing, in fact, agree that it is difficult to get on a plane or a helicopter, which is not observed on the radar pilot or by visual inspection. However, the current technology of this nature are classified, but one can presume to assume that in the coming years 10-15 they are rather active.

An important factor will certainly be adopted and, after equipping combat air vehicle can be a powerful weapon to achieve the maximum effect of the defeat, in particular, it may refer to the frag- weapons, laser, electromagnetic and other guns.

And, of course, in the future will certainly be a perfect air and tactics of air battles, because without a good training aircraft is just a piece of iron, which is unable to perform combat missions. Even when equipped with planes and helicopters robotic systems, first need to produce their "training", but in any case, the same intuition will always be just a man.