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Air board №1. What secrets stores US presidential plane?

Air board №1. What secrets stores US presidential plane?

Air board number 1 or the so-called US President's plane, according to experts in 470 has cost millions of dollars, although in reality it is assumed that this figure is much higher. At the moment, thanks to information leaked to the global web, finally became aware of the fact that the president is a US plane in greater detail, in a number of ministries and the US caused panic because of the possibility to find vulnerabilities airliner.

Air board number 1 the US president and his interior

As we know, the US president Barack Obama has multiple planes, with one can be used depending on your destination, or any other type. The most recognizable of all is, of course, the plane type Boeing 747-200 c highly visible inscription on the board «Air Force One», which translated into more familiar language means "air board № 1».

US presidential aircraft interior has enough meager, at least in comparison with the aircraft of other countries' leaders. Instead of gold jewelry and plumbing are used either plated or cheaper than gold, precious metals, particularly silver, we are talking about.

Interior air side number 1 the president of the United States include:

  • Two conference center, one of which involved work with other senior people in the country;
  • Communication Center;
  • The command center is located closer to the head of the presidential plane;
  • 2 room for the needs of the aircraft crew;
  • Room of the Presidential Guard;
  • Personal president's office.

Thus, a huge transatlantic airliner Boeing 747-200 in fact, not so luxurious as at first glance it may seem.

Air board number 1 the US president and his technical data

Information leakage, which appeared in 2006 year in one of the Italian editions, almost completely declassified the technical characteristics of the US President’s 1 flight number. According to the data, the presidential plane can fly without additional refueling of the order of 15 360 kilometers, while taking into account the maximum speed of the aircraft in 1127 kilometers per hour, the maximum distance that the plane can fly is about 11 500 kilometers, due to the greater fuel consumption, and this is not considering the overheating factor of engines.

Airline No. 1 of the President of the United States is designed for 26 crew members and in addition can transport more about 100 people, including the president himself, his closest associates, guards, support staff, etc. If a typical Boeing 747-200 passenger airliner has a maximum ceiling of the order of 13 750 meters, then the 1 is able to rise to an altitude of thousands of meters in 15, but this is possible only with a short flight (no more than 1 hours) at a specified height.

Air board number 1 the US president does not carry any weapons, in any case, a source in the Italian newspaper does not report about it, but at the top of the plane is a massive antenna for communicating with satellites, including military. On board the aircraft as well as in any other President of the plane, there is a system of missile defense.

The missile defense system located on the USA President’s 1 board includes radio-jamming devices, protection against heat missiles, an anti-missile system, etc. At the same time, it is worth emphasizing that, like any other passenger airliner, the aircraft of the President of the United States, the aircraft board No. 1, does not have a reinforced fuselage system, that is, the aircraft is vulnerable even to conventional aircraft guns of 20 and 30-mm caliber.

It is currently expected to replace the already morally and physically exhausted its presidential term air side № 1 to a newer model. It is supposed to implement this year 2017, but Airbus Aircraft Corporation refused to creating other side number 1 for US president on the basis of an airliner Airbus A380and therefore most likely, the next aircraft will also Boeing.

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