air charter
Air charter. Development prospects

Air charter. Development prospects


Charter airlines are not so well developed in our country today, but this is primarily due to the low demand for them. In a number of countries, namely air charters constitute the bulk of airlines, and it is worth noting that they enjoy a decent popularity.


Air charter. Features of the concept



An air charter is nothing more than an airline using aircraft of other owners under a special contract, in particular for the carriage of passengers and cargo. It is worth noting that the very concept of a charter can also imply a partial lease of an aircraft for performing a flight. On the territory of the Russian Federation, most of the charter airlines are used for the transportation of goods - about 60% of the total volume, and the rest is air charters engaged in passenger transportation.

Today in Russia there are only two passenger air charter:

  1. Airline "NordWind Airlines";
  2. Airline "iFly».


The two airlines have submitted their regular routes and specialize solely on demand.


Air charter. Prospects and drawbacks.



Air charter could spell big prospects in the near future, with this is due to many factors, among them the ability to change the direction and orientation of the activity, a careful approach to the planning of the work, the almost complete absence does not pay off, and losing air directions, etc.

Nevertheless, whatever it seemed to benefit, air charter, and its existence depends entirely on the availability of those clients, or other directions. In that case, if the load on the air charter in any direction less than 90%, then the work of other companies is under threat. Achieve 100% load in routing is very difficult, and it depends on the existence of airlines, referred to as air charter.