Air Chelyabinsk
Air Chelyabinsk. Aviasfera city

Air Chelyabinsk. Aviasfera city


Chelyabinsk is one of the very well-developed in the field of aviation Russian cities. In addition to the international airport is located here, in the city as there are other companies and institutions related to the field of aviation.


Air Chelyabinsk. International Airport


In Chelyabinsk has its own international Airport, With the air transport unit it is a very large and progressive, which causes disparate interest of Russian and foreign airlines, and therefore they themselves passengers traveling here, or else departing from other directions. The concept of air Chelyabinsk, correlated with an international airport means by itself that there are functioning 13 Russian Airlines with flights to more than 25 different directions; 5 and foreign airlines operating mostly on one in routing.



In 2013 year, passenger Chelyabinsk airport has made more than a million 1 200 thousand passengers, and in 2014 year is expected to increase this figure to 1.5 million.

If the air in the concept of Chelyabinsk airport seriously interested in you, then, if necessary, you can contact the management and to clarify any information you need.


Air Chelyabinsk. Aircraft construction and repair enterprises



On the territory of Chelyabinsk is the so-called «712-th Aircraft Repair Plant", which is a large and modern airline to repair modern aircraft engines. The factory has modern equipment allowing to diagnose any kind of malfunctions and correct them effectively in the most expeditious time. Very often, the concept of air Chelyabinsk associate it with 712-th Aircraft Repair Plant, well known in Russia, and even beyond.


Air Chelyabinsk. Institutions involved in the aviation sector



Air Chelyabinsk includes also a special institution of higher education participating in the training of aviation professionals. Chelyabinsk Military Aviation Institute navigators It is the only one in the Russian Federation higher education institution that produces military training navigators, engineers from two specialties. To date, Chelyabinsk Military Aviation Institute navigators was very popular among the students, however, in recent times, in 2012 year, a set of students did not take place. There are plans to revive the work of the institute and thereby return the proud title and the concept of air Chelyabinsk.