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Air Designer. Qualities inherent in aircraft manufacturers

Air Designer. Qualities inherent in aircraft manufacturers


Avia designers have always been men of genius, And if some of these people creating aircraft or elements of the future of aircraft tried to take something new and different, due to give works of genius well-known and to date, a number of other inventors sought to ensure to improve the existing design of the aircraft or its equipment.



At first glance, it may seem that the modernization and refinement of the already developed principles is a simpler process, in reality everything turns out to be somewhat different. To improve the already existing parts of the device, regardless of its original purpose, is very difficult, since existing equipment and devices can simply not cope with the task of modernization. A typical example of this is the recently completed modernization of the Su-35 multipurpose fighter aircraft, which, among other things, was made by the Russian aircraft designer, according to the new characteristics of which, aircraft can stop in the air, after which they can again gain speed without hindrance. It should be noted that this principle was developed even in the days of the Soviet Union, but the braking in those times was often due to the work of reverse traction and could not be performed on all aircraft. The same principle developed to date allows you to release the speed, even slightly slower, but without any consequences for the aircraft and the pilot. The ingenious decision, invented in this case, naturally remains secret, but this once again confirms all the eccentricity, and at the same time, simplicity.


Air Designer. The genius bordering on simplicity



However, what should an aviation designer know and have in order to create and modernize air equipment? It is rather difficult to answer this question, because it is in the account of all the main factors that the subsequent result of the invention is hidden. One small detail can lead to the most unpredictable consequences, and it should also be noted that when creating the project of the next helicopter or aircraft, not one aircraft designer participates - dozens, and sometimes even hundreds, and each of them is working on creating a specific node of the future aircraft . At first it may seem like a simple and rational solution, but it is also necessary to take into account the fact that later all the nodes and equipment of future aircraft and helicopters should be coordinated among themselves and work as a unified system.



In order to become an aircraft designer, it is necessary to perfectly understand engineering, mechanics and aviation and such exact sciences as trigonometry, aerodynamics, etc. Knowledge of these disciplines will help not only to know as best as possible all the features of aircraft design and creation of aircraft. Nevertheless, the non-standard approach to this case is also an important factor, as the first aircraft were constructed without any bases, which gradually led to the current state of aviation, and the more non-standard this approach is, the more likely that the aircraft Will receive its special purpose and development in the future.



The development of modern aviation is extremely important and there is a very high rate, which can lead to the fact that through 15-20 years, flying can be a safer, unlike modern and quite likely at this other designers around the world will not stop, because in fact, the improvement of there is no limit, and it depends only on goal and other designer.