Air livery. History of Flight Coloring
Air livery. History of Flight Coloring

Air livery. History of Flight Coloring


Air livery can not only effectively decorate the plane virtually any airline, but also to significantly transform the style of the airline, giving it not only more happy shouts of passengers who have to make airfare, but also additional advertising.


Air livery. The story of


Air liveries were virtually even at the dawn of the onset of the civil passenger traffic. In particular, additional decoration of aircraft was used to select one or the other aircraft on the background of other competitors, and he certainly looked the plane in this case is much more impressive than its normal state.



The first livery was mediocre - as a rule, on the aircraft carrier demonstrated the name, slogan and a small, purpose of application of which was the appearance of the first positive feelings about the airlines.

Somewhat later, in the 50s and 60s, the first drawings began to appear on airplanes, as a rule, directly related to the field of aviation, and the idea itself so strongly overwhelmed the minds of people that creative solutions for those times began to appear almost every month. and this has definitely played an important role in the development of the competitiveness of civil air transportation.



Modern air liveries are bright and very effective idea. And they are almost all airlines in the world, except perhaps that small airlines, which is at least, does not make sense, but to highlight its relation to other planes.


Air livery. Development and effective solutions.


On the creation of other livery, usually working the entire group of creative designers, and the main goal now is the selection of spectacular. Or any other aircraft of the air carrier, before the other. Occupation to build other liveries very time consuming, and as a result, expensive, and because it often carriers are turning to passengers in order to create the best solutions in their opinion.



During the competition for the best air livery, a special committee selects several works, then there is their comparison and identification of the best. In that case, if the air carrier is finally satisfied, then most likely, the aircraft, or an aircraft fleet will be assigned to a new species.

The development of air livery can tackle almost any person who is able to effectively draw and come up with creative ideas. It's enough just to be able to work in several graphic editors, and as a result can be born the next masterpiece that is sure to satisfy the passengers who have to fly on and so spectacularly decorated aircraft.

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