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When the first airplanes for transporting people appeared, airmail became much more significant compared to passenger airlines. As you know, the first passenger route was opened in 1912 year (from St. Petersburg to Tampa in Florida), but after the end of the First World War, many rich people could afford to travel in modernized bombers. Actually, therefore, the first air routes and the companies that served them were formed. However, many users of our Moscow air portal are interested in the latest news and events taking place in this area.

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It's no secret how important today given to aviation by the government. And so its development is not in place, although, of course, inferior to many countries. By 2020, all regional aircraft need to be replaced. The carrying capacity of the park at this time should be reduced by half, while the need to increase the freight capacity of 90 percent. This determines the significant needs of aviation companies to further expand and upgrade the fleet. Follow the news portal and other Moscow will always be up to date in this area.

Taking into account the write-off of obsolete aircraft in connection with working resources and the loss of competitiveness, the need for Russian airlines in the supply of new passenger aircraft valued at 1030-1200 units in the coming six years. Expected demand for aircraft of different classes of passenger, which in the future will be met by airplanes, both foreign and domestic production. Although if you read news Moscow air, You probably know this information.

The absence in our country series production aircraft of many classes determines the preservation needs of the air transport of the Russian Federation to use a foreign aircraft. In the future, we will fill our fleet of passenger regional jets foreign models, which have 60% of all park. Thus, the Russian program for the creation of modern aircraft will have increased from today 10% to 40%.

As for the projected traffic volume, then its implementation will need more pilots. The planned release of the Ministry of Transport of the schools will be increased.

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Actual problems of regional aircraft, as well as ways to solve them:

  • The strong depreciation of fixed assets (airport infrastructure, facilities airfields, aircraft fleet and so on.).
  • Deficit flight, managerial and technical personnel (need to secure the release of at least a thousand pilots per year).
  • The low level of quality of services (modest measure of comfort and regularity).
  • It requires improving aviation security.
  • The need to improve the legal framework (including the harmonization of Russian legislation with international).
  • The trend of technological and technical backwardness industry (poor level of technological equipment of airlines, significant fuel costs airlines, etc.).


Today, regional aircraft as has repeatedly stated our portal Moscow air, need large-scale renovation of the fleet. Due to the strong depreciation of aircraft airline can not guarantee the quality of services at the desired level. Who is actively working to attract airlines by our European suppliers, while at the same time, the expected development of our new aircraft design bureaus. Always stay with us!