Avia Moscow - Simferopol
Avia Moscow - Simferopol. Air carriers and how to purchase tickets

Avia Moscow - Simferopol. Air carriers and how to purchase tickets


Today, from Moscow to Simferopol flying 10 Russian airlines, but it is expected that in the near future this list will increase significantly due to the connection to this area of ​​new carriers.


Russian companies operating a flight Moscow - Simferopol



Posted air Moscow - Simferopol Russian air carriers are the following:

  1. aeroflot (Regular flights);
  2. VIM-Avia (Regular flights);
  3. Orenburg airlines (Regular flights);
  4. Transaero (Regular flights);
  5. Ural airlines (Regular flights);
  6. Yakutia (Seasonal flights);
  7. Yamal (Seasonal flights);
  8. Globe (Regular flights)
  9. MetroJet (Seasonal flights);
  10. Red Wings (Regular flights).


Avia Moscow - Simferopol. Where to buy tickets?


Tickets for air flights Moscow - Simferopol can be purchased directly from the airlines themselves, which alone is enough to come to the local office or the office; Searching order tickets Moscow - Simferopol possible via the Internet sites of the airlines on voyages in the current direction; You can use public places air ticket sales Moscow - Simferopol - Ticket offices.

Any way to purchase tickets Moscow air - Simferopol of the above has both its own advantages, and some disadvantages so that you are completely alone can choose the most attractive to you, including on the basis of the most promising in your opinion airline.