Aviation training
Aviation training. How and where learning takes place in the Russian Federation?

Aviation training. How does it happen and where to study in the Russian Federation?


To date, aviation education is of interest to many, because the art of flying an aircraft, whether it is a small light-engine aircraft, or a huge passenger airliner, always attracted and fascinated for sure any person. To date, there is a huge number of very diverse schools and higher education institutions, in which prepare future pilots, carrying out aviation training. It is worth noting that in aviation training the airlines themselves are more interested in, for which the preparation of high-quality and qualified aircraft pilots is one of the very high-priority tasks.


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Aviation training

On the territory of the Russian Federation, there are not so many universities and schools which train civil aviation pilots, but it should be borne in mind that if you intend to firmly become a real pilot, you have to go through tough selection, as willing to undergo other training and eventually become the commander of the aircraft a lot.

Unfortunately, at the moment in Moscow there is no university or flight school carries out preparation and other training future pilots of civil aviation, however, it is possible that in the near future in the capital will be something like that.

On the territory of the so-called "northern capital", the city of St. Petersburg is St. Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation, which are air training future pilots of civil aviation.


Aviation training


Today St. Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation It has a first-class base for the training of future professionals in the piloting of civil aircraft. In addition to the training, higher education St. Petersburg also carries out work in the field of innovation, research projects, international training, etc. Today, air training at the St. Petersburg University of Civil Aviation is prestigious for everyone who is interested in this.


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Aviation training


Another higher education institution of the Russian Federation is also very famous havelyanovskoe Higher Aviation School of Civil Aviation. This university is the largest in Russia and is a large part of the Russian pilots of civil aircraft in and out. Ulyanovsk Higher Civil Aviation School provides training as pilots of Russian and foreign, and it is worth emphasizing. What the University enjoys abroad is very popular, as are conducted after air training future pilots are really highly qualified specialists.

Unfortunately, in Russia are just two higher educational institutions of civil aviation, but in addition, persons wishing to eventually operate airplanes and helicopters can also go through other training and in secondary schools, where the level of training, though much lower, but Nevertheless, the experts go from here possess and can apply in practice the knowledge acquired.

  1. Buguruslan Flight School of Civil Aviation  prepares quite good specialists in the field of civil aviation. The general course of aviation training at this secondary school consists of 2916 theoretical hours, 38 hours of training for future pilots and 150 hours of practical training with flight training.
  2. Krasnokutske Flight School of Civil Aviation is an excellent educational institution for all those who have always wanted to undergo aviation training and fly civil aircraft with their own hands. New and modern air means used in the training of cadets make it possible to carry out air training as efficiently as possible, in accordance with modern flight technical equipment.


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Aviation training


  1. Omsk Flight Technical College of Civil Aviation currently carries out a pilot training helicopters Mi-8, in other matters that did not diminish the value of the secondary school. Experienced and qualified teachers, a large number of hours of theoretical training, training on simulators, and of course, practical exercises allow to produce qualified, sufficiently popular to date Russian airlines.
  2. Sasovo Flight School of Civil Aviation performs other training future pilots of civil aviation. Qualified staff, as well as a fairly modern logistics is what allows you ultimately get qualified pilots and civil aviation.
  3. Yakut Aviation and Technical College of Civil Aviation provides training and other training future pilots of civil aviation. For the development of this very interesting profession, you need to study a little less than 3 years, but eventually you can become a real pilot of a civil aircraft.


It is worth noting that other training is also carried out and a number of Russian airlines, which allows later after training to get a prestigious job, but most importantly, finally realize his dream - to become a pilot of civil aviation.


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