Air online. We follow the airline schedule
Air online. We follow the airline schedule

Air online. We follow the airline schedule


Air online calendar is a real delight for those who are trying to find your flight among tens and hundreds of others, without the help of representatives of airlines and airports. However, we should also consider the fact that not all Internet resources representing other online schedule can be trusted, as there are so-called "pitfalls".



As is known, air online schedule different from the usual in that is indicated more details, from the continually updated time of arrival and ending with data delay of flights, their cancellation, etc. Due to air online schedule, you can not just constantly stay abreast of any events occurring with your flight, but it also allows you to always be aware of what is happening at the moment - registration, landing or departure.

Principle of operation Searching online scheduling based on that information from many airports around the world goes on a single server where it is already later relayed to the Internet, and where any user can find it. However, in this case, you should consider the fact that a number of Russian airports is far from being a very well-developed computer system, which is why in the schedule of the flight may still be indicated on the preparations for landing, although in reality the flight would take off for a few minutes ago so it's best to verify this information beforehand.



There are many online resources where the schedule statement as other online, in reality is static, that is not updated in time. In this case, you can not be reasonably sure that it is really the right displays the current course of events, not to mention the status of the flight. Use must be solely online reservation schedule, moreover, it is desirable that the information actually is in doubt, check through special services such as the airport or through the help of the same airline.

I fly from the city of Mirny to Novosibirsk on 06.05.2017/24/XNUMX, the ticket is kindly requested "... to check the status of the flight on the official website of the airline XNUMX hours before departure." The question is, where can I find this information on your site? Is it visible for our own people, but not necessary for passengers?


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