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Aviation is truly an amazing field of activity, unforgettable adventures, vivid impressions, travel, it's valuable knowledge, communication with people who will forever remain in your memory. And our portal avia LLC offers you only the latest news and current information. At us it will be interesting to you! Many people felt what love to the sky and the wonders of technology that were created by the hands of man. The sky for them is a native element! It does not matter what kind of airplane, helicopter, airplane or some hang glider. The main thing is that a person who, once immersed in the world of aviation, remains his adherent forever. And our air company LLC will be exactly the place where he constantly wants to go in and come back.

Civil aviation, military aviation, security, principles of operation of the aircraft, interesting cases, the history of aviation, aerophobia, review models of aircraft, aviation news, etc. Air Ltd. will tell you everything that has happened and will happen in the world of aviation.

Unfortunately, most aircraft sites simply overwhelmed excessive professionalism. They found many specific definitions of terms, boring "lectures" reasoning. As a consequence, if a person is not an expert, he will simply not interested in such a website that a read. In this case, it will look at the most beautiful pictures and leave.

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Our portal Searching Ltd. is aimed at making such a complex subject as aviation, easier, more interesting and accessible. Therefore, anyone who loves aviation, it will be interesting to spend time on our website. That is really difficult, we will tell you a very beautiful and fascinating. We adhere to an easy and accessible way of presenting information that will make the subject understandable to all, both for professionals and for beginners.

It is impossible not to say that the situation in the development of modern aviation leaves much to be desired. For example, today in civil aviation about half of all aircrafts of airlines are used. The amount of financing from the state, despite their constantly increasing, is not enough. There are no mechanisms for attracting extrabudgetary sources. Weak efficiency of domestic aircraft does not allow to compete in the international market of air transportation. This situation in the industry is explained by many problems that have been accumulated for years and have not been resolved in the aviation sphere, as well as in adjacent areas.

Whatever number of problems there may be, without aviation, modern levels of civilization can not be imagined. After all, this sphere became the guarantee of effective international economic relations. Aviation plays an invaluable role in the development of the country's economy, in resolving social and economic problems, is of great importance as a means of providing backbone passenger communications (including international ones) as a means of freight and passenger transportation in regions that do not have land transport. This is the most important state task of the industry. In a matter of hours, modern airliners can transport hundreds of passengers over long distances. Modern transport communication can not do without jet planes flying to all corners of our planet.

Considering military aviation, we can not fail to mention the strategic bombers, which are almost the most formidable fighting force. They support from the air ground forces and naval forces, and also independently strike at enemy targets, acting with incredible speed and penetrating into the most inaccessible places. In our time, the arsenal of military aviation is supersonic fighters, which are equipped with modern weapons and on-board computers. Of great importance are helicopters, which are most often used to defeat enemy armored vehicles. A special group of combat vehicles are transport helicopters and aircraft, which are intended for the transport of troops, equipment and cargo. In peacetime, they help the population cope with natural disasters. Follow the news of the airline and always be aware of new developments in the aviation world.