"Air Partner" LLC
"Air Partner" LLC

"Air Partner" LLC - a successful freight forwarder


With 1997, the "Air-Partner" Company carries cargo of any volume and parties, including heavyweight, oversized and dangerous goods throughout Russia. Based on long-term contractual relationships with airports and airport services, and relying on a professional team, "Air Partner" LLC provides its customers with freight traffic on the optimal ratio "price -quality - time." Offering a wide range of services, trying to satisfy all customer requirements.


Over the last years, "Air Partner" Ltd. works effectively in the aviation sector of the Russian Federation, which allowed him to win an impeccable reputation. The most successful areas of the company is the logistics and transport, air freight and passenger transportation.


From year to year the transportation of passengers and cargo by air is becoming more and more popular and necessary service. If suddenly the client needs air transportation of cargo or delivery of cargo, and the delivery time is limited or the cargo itself belongs to non-standard (for example, flammable, etc.), air freight is excellent for this purpose. Such a service allows the owner of the cargo to be fully assured of its safety. In addition, this is the most reliable and fastest way of transportation, and in some cases, the only possible. Air cargo transportation with the company "Avia-Partner" LLC provides an opportunity to reach the most inaccessible areas.


In our country there are about 10 large airports that have an extensive network of regular, regular flights that are involved in air transportation, have established connections over the territory of the Russian Federation for years, including Tolmachevo (Novosibirsk), Koltsovo (Yekaterinburg), Kurumoch (Samara) and Moscow airports . But, in addition to the above, there are small airfields located in remote areas. "Avia-Partner" LLC performs transportation of cargo and passengers to various localities on favorable terms. And even if you suddenly needed transportation to a remote location, you can be sure that the order will be executed promptly and at favorable prices.


"Avia-Partner" LLC is obliged to organize the best for the cost and terms of transportation of any cargo, including urgent. The company takes orders for almost all directions of our vast country - from the central and southern regions of Russia to Siberia, the Urals and the Far East. It should also be noted that air travel is carried out along the optimal routes, which reduces costs and time costs. They are carried out not only direct, but also charter (docking) flights to any regions of Russia. The price of the service largely depends on the volume of the cargo, but some airlines periodically hold special promotions that allow reducing tariffs. Plus, the cost can affect the seasonal features and other factors (the weight and volume of the goods in this case are not taken into account). If we talk about tariffs for the carriage of goods by charter flights, then their calculation takes place according to a separate scheme.


"Avia-Partner" Company produces air cargo and passengers with modern aircraft, which are perfect for trip to remote distances and have increased security. Truck fleet is engaged in shipping and air cargo, constantly passes thorough maintenance. That's why air transportation by this company combines speed, absolute security and full compliance with customer requirements.


Turning to the company "Avia-Partner" Company, you do not want to independently solve issues and problems that are associated with the carriage of goods at any distance. Its staff as soon as possible to prepare all documents and arrange shipping at a high level.