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Air freight

Air freight


Air freight is by far the fastest way to transport goods over medium and long distances. At the same time, air freight compared with other means of the transport and is the most expensive, especially if the cargo has special characteristics, in particular dimensions, hazard classification, etc.

The volume of air cargo en the Russian Federation is quite impressive - the share of various types of cargo transportation by air transport accounts for about 9-10% of the total amount of goods transported.


Air freight. Classification


General air transportation of goods, often referred to as simple, are the transportation of goods from one destination to another, with the customer service is none other than the owner of the cargo. The big disadvantage of this type of air cargo is the high cost, as well as the main advantages of efficiency serves the task.



Passage air transportation of goods is the transportation of goods on a free air vehicle, which already has a partial load with other goods. The main feature of this type of air cargo transportation is low cost, since the cargo owner does not need to pay for the full flight of the aircraft in a given direction. The disadvantage is the relatively long search for an aircraft following in the required direction, having enough free space on its board to transport cargo, and capable of accepting this cargo if it has special characteristics.



Shuttle air freight is that when sending cargo air transport, air-back means returning empty, ie, without cargo on board.

The national team of air freight by far the most common, because it is a nothing but the accumulation of goods from different senders stock airlines to reach their optimal nominal volume, and then transported to the established order. The disadvantage of such air freight is that loads can be delivered quite a long period, and can be attributed to the benefits primarily the low cost of such services.


Air freight. Basic rules for transport



Not every load transported by the aircraft can be accepted for delivery, and the most important aspect of all this is to meet its transport a number of rules:

  1. Air freight can be carried on international air lines on passenger and cargo aircraft on;
  2. Export, import and transit of goods must comply with the laws of the country and the basic rules required in this context;
  3. Dimensions of the cargo should be less than the cargo area of ​​the aircraft on which it will be transported for the purpose of the free loading and unloading it;
  4. Air freight on passenger aircraft must be based on the rules and regulations of air transportation on ships of this type;
  5. Air freight should be carried out only in the presence of all required accompanying documents;
  6. Air freight can be carried out only in the event that does not accept any threat to the health and lives of people, and does not create a nuisance in this;
  7. In case of exceeding the established dimensions of cargo aircraft, it can be taken on board only with the consent of the air carrier.