Aviation weather
Air weather. Protects against risks

Air weather. Protects against risks


For many people, the weather, reigning on the street, is worthless - it suffices to take an umbrella or wear warmer, and have neither feared nor rain, nor cold. However, if you intend to travel by plane, the air weather for the next few days you can very useful, as this factor is related to force majeure, and want to get stuck is not for everyone at the airport for several hours, if not days.



Of course, the weather forecasters are wrong often enough, but in the near future weather predictions have enough accurate. Going to the next trip, take the trouble to clarify the weather at the time of your air flight in one direction or the other way, as it is quite possible you will benefit significantly over time, if you select a day or even a few hours before the start tropical rain with zero visibility for aircraft, dense fog or heavy snowfall.

Note that the usual weather that we see on television, in the media, etc. places that are not quite meet the requirements of air transportation, as there does not specify a factor, whether it's on the airports and flight conditions or no impact.



To learn exactly how air weather can affect your air flight, it is best to use the Internet resources of airports, through which will run your route - here there are usually specific information about upcoming weather conditions that will help you better navigate in the , will not happen if your aircraft unexpected delays due to weather that air does not meet the minimum standards for air flights.

In addition, information about what it will air the weather in the next few days as possible and on special services designed just for this purpose.