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Air parcel. What determines the delivery time for parcels by air?

Air parcel. What determines the delivery time for parcels by air?


Today, air parcel is one of the fastest ways to deliver mail and correspondence in the world, but often make a delivery can last too long - for a few weeks or hours. What causes this?


Air parcel. Factors affecting the speed of delivery


First of all it depends on the carrier itself. As is known, air parcel is sent not directly to the specified address, and after a series of more cities and countries, which allows airlines to get a lot of money, and at the same time to serve more customers. Depending on the number of countries served, and other cities in one direction may be set less or more stringent delivery times sending air departure.



There is also another factor why the air parcel so long can go to its sender. As you know, most companies enter into with other carriers contracts and agreements. Naturally, the permanent retention of the air carrier at the airport for the delivery of parcels is very expensive, and because the contract on making air transport of parcels carried out in broader terms - it may take several days or even weeks.

An important factor in forward air parcels speed can also be placing the country post offices and processing centers of postal shipments. A typical example of this is Sweden, where the parcel sent from the southern parts of the country, first enters the central part, where is located the main post office, and then to be sent from there to the delivery, resulting in a committed certain circle, which increases the delivery time.



Do not forget and that any who arrived in another country the goods, including air parcel is obliged to pass through customs, and, as you know, in some countries it is quite zhёstok that may delay other parcels for a few days, weeks, if not months.

In view of all these factors, air parcel may go to your destination for a long time, but nevertheless, it is important that aviation-mail in most cases copes with it much faster than the usual ground.

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