Air hand baggage
Air hand baggage

Air hand baggage


Air hand luggage is allowed for transportation by all the airlines of the world without exception - the cost of it is already included in the cost of the air ticket, however it should be taken into account that the dimensions and weight of hand luggage are strictly regulated, and already a slight advantage or difference in size to the large side of nominal, For additional payment. It should be noted that air hand luggage is also included in the tickets of budget carriers, so it is not worthwhile once again, going on a trip on an airplane to worry about whether you will be let on it with your bag that satisfies the rules of carrying hand luggage.


Air hand baggage. regulations of transportation


According to the rules of carrying hand luggage most airlines as the maximum dimensions indicate the following dimensions: the length of hand luggage should not exceed 55 centimeters, the width - no more than 40 centimeters, and the height is no more than 23 centimeters. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to draw your attention to the fact that the dimensions, as a rule, can vary among themselves, but in any case. Their cumulative characteristics should not exceed the specified limits. Check whether your carry-on baggage meets the requirements directly at the airport, where there are special containers with the indicated sizes - if your bag, bag or anything else is unoccupied in it, then there is nothing to worry about.



Please note that the weight of carry-on baggage is also significantly limited, but there is no clear indication of this - its limits are usually at the level of 6 to 10 kilograms. Despite the majority of restrictions, many airlines and airports do not pay much attention to the weight of the carry-on baggage, if its dimensions do not exceed the visually estimated nominal value, but it's not surprising if you can be asked to pass the control of your carry-on baggage to its weight, and in case Exceeding its nominal value, you are more likely to either shift some of the things into your luggage, or pay extra for the extra weight of hand luggage.



In addition, passengers can also take as hand luggage outerwear, umbrellas, walking sticks, a book or magazine, in doing so, note that all of this will not be taken into account in the total amount of hand luggage - all these things you can freely take, but keep in mind that they should be either on you or in your hands.

A number of airlines and airports to prohibit the carriage of liquids in hand luggage volume over 100 ml, and therefore going to the next journey by plane, check it with your airline or airport, through which will run your route.