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Air site is currently the biggest online resource dedicated to the aviation and everything connected with it. Experts in the field of aviation work, we are always happy to offer you best aviation news, Quality articles and opinion surveys related to the global civil and military aviation, etc., so you can always stay up to date and relevant information.



The modern information air site means providing all users with only up-to-date information about various sections and categories of aviation. Our information resource - avia site is glad to offer you the latest news from the most competent sources, which allows you to always receive reliable information. Use the additional information provided on the website containing useful articles, high-quality author's reviews, which allows you to find out everything you need, including about future prospects of aviation development.



Our other website happy to provide you with all the necessary information on Russian AirlinesAs well as air carrier all over the world, so you can learn about all the features of services, including drawing attention to the reviews. Are you interested in the look of the plane on which you intend to travel? Nothing is impossible, because only here you can find dozens of different aircraft types with the indication seats, as well as information about the best places of landing at one or another airline

You are more attracted by military aircraft, and would like to learn all about it? Air website am pleased to present numerous reviews devoted to military aircraft. Learn about the latest armed air forces of different countries, learn about the new combat aircraft and their armament, whether those in the know of all the latest news!



In addition, our other site is pleased to present to your attention, and such subjects in which more direct aircraft found its reflection - literature, music, cinema, etc. Learn about air crashes of the past years and the latest incidents, find out whether it was possible to avoid the catastrophic consequences of the guilty in a particular case, and our experts in the field of aviation will do everything that you get as much information on our website.