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Air show. The main events of the year 2015 in Russia

Air show. The main events of the year 2015 in Russia


Any kind of air show always attract hundreds of thousands of spectators, as are not only well-designed program, but also the brightest events happening here. It would seem that two completely identical at first glance, air show, may have their own differences, moreover, they are global and unique.

Airshow Sochi 2015


In 2015 year, many aviation enthusiasts expect a lot of the most diverse real air show, and then only on the territory of the Russian Federation, various air shows, there are about a dozen. What will certainly see with your own eyes?


Air show MAKS-2015



MAKS air show is one of the brightest in the Russian Federation. This international airshow attracts the attention of hundreds of thousands of people and remains one of the most popular, at least in the territory of Russia and CIS countries. Leading biannual air show will introduce everyone to the latest developments in the field of aircraft and aircraft will allow virtually anyone to touch and see by yourself the modern air equipment, etc.

During the air show MAKS are demonstrations of the best Russian and foreign pilots, with sometimes see some aerobatics can be only once in life, and if you are really interested in this, you certainly worth a visit is the air show.


Balloon Festival



In 2015 in Sochi will be a grand air show with balloons. It is expected that only a few days into the sky vzmoet several dozen enormous air balloons that will create incredibly interesting spectacle. To date, nothing like that happened in Sochi, and because those who love everything related to aviation, certainly worth your own eyes and see this incredible air show.


International air show gliders in Kaliningrad



In 2015 in Kaliningrad will be held the first international air show, which will bring together tens of thousands of fans of gliders and other aircraft equipment. At the moment, it is expected that at the air show will bring together representatives of the 20 different states, including from Russia. The peak of the international air show should be demonstrations of the best pilots in the world.

The following list of air show is far from complete, as among other things, almost k4azhdom region of the Russian Federation has its own air show, albeit small, but that is no less interesting.