Air Tracking
Avia tracking. Watching the movement of aircraft around the world

Avia tracking. Watching the movement of aircraft around the world


Not so long ago on the Internet there was an opportunity to make other tracking passenger flights are in currently in the air, and, it is worth noting that this kind of air is sufficiently accurate tracking. On the one hand it may seem rather unusual and exciting, but on the other hand does not bear any interest for users not experienced in this, no information.



Very interesting is that all flights via online services for air tracking under the name "Flightradar 24" and "Planefinder" can be seen in the form of airplane icons, clicking on any of which you can get information about this flight. Presented on the aviation services information is quite entertaining for those who love all the unusual associated with aviation. In addition, by clicking on the image of a conditional airplane, you can view information about it such as speed of travel, absolute coordinates, flight number, aircraft type, belonging to its specific carrier and route. It is worth noting that in the application "Flightradar 24", and in the application "Planefinder", the speed of movement visible on the screen has the ratio 1: 120. It should also be emphasized that it is not always possible to find information on the movement of a passenger airliner - sometimes it is either completely hidden or partially hidden, but in more than 90% of cases, a user using airborne tracking can obtain a sufficiently detailed report on the movement of air Ship.



Pay account a that using other tracking in «Planefinder» application you will have more opportunities. A typical example of this is the ability to view the movement is not on the usual not the detail of the plan, but right on the map to view the satellite, which gives more information about the characteristic movement of the aircraft, at least visually. In addition, you can also use special filters, which provides more objective information.



The answer to the question of how you can use the other tracking each sure your - someone can use this information to use it for their own personal or commercial purposes, or else in relation to the common good, but in any raze, it is very interesting at least for those who are interested in the world of aviation.