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Air appliances. From simple motor to several engines

Air appliances. From simple motor to several engines


As is known, the first working airplane was built and tested by the Wright brothers in 1903 year, but this was only the first step in the conquest of the air space. For more than a hundred years, aviation has an incredibly long way, moreover if the first aircraft were easy, powerful, and they can not be called, the known cases when planes were installed several engines, which caused a real sensation.



It is worth noting that prior to the appearance of the aircraft with the engines tested dozens and hundreds of different models, most notably devoid of engines, making this collection technique ineffective. First, air equipment, particularly in the case of airplanes, gliders looked like, but flying them even tens of meters, it has helped to further improve their design. Approaching to something more perfect, until, finally, does not appear that we have today.


Air Appliances engines era


The big breakthrough air equipment in its development has received, when the first airplane with an engine that allows you to move at a relatively large distance from past standards - tens of kilometers, and does so in a relatively short time. The first single-engine planes represented something really fantastic, because the device can take on your board not only the pilots, but also passengers and cargo.



Later, other equipment constantly perfected as aircraft designers did not come to the conclusion that the single-engine aircraft can effectively replace the double-motor, which will take on board more passengers and payload, but in addition to all twin-engine aircraft has always had a small insurance - in the event of failure of one engine, he could stay in the air using a traction engine load another, though not for a long time, but it was effective.

The appearance of three-engine aircraft, and then four engine aircraft, created a real sensation in the world of aviation technology, because this meant that the aircraft became larger, and therefore more cargo or passengers could be transported on them, which in turn suggests that aircraft designers really do not wasting your time.



It is worth noting that the further development of aviation technology in terms of installed aircraft engines seemed not rational, because the early projects of seven-engine aircraft that appeared practically did not bring anything to the modern world of aviation except as a negative deviation from the course, however, it is worth noting that aircraft designers and engineers did not add up on this hand and continued to improve the existing and build new aircraft with a large number of engines. So, the well-known aircraft today An-225 Mriya With six engines showed that it is very effective, and sometimes even completely indispensable for the transportation of large loads. However, pay attention to the fact that if the An-225 Mriya appeared relatively recently, the eight-engine and ten-engine military aircraft have already proved themselves much earlier. A typical example of an eight-engine aircraft is the Soviet airplane built by 1934 ANT-20 "Maxim Gorky", but due to the fact that this kind of aircraft technology is very expensive to operate, all was built 2 working sample. An example of the same ten-engine aircraft is the US strategic bomber Convair B-36Which was first used as a deterrent during the "Cold War", but later was never converted into a passenger airliner.



As we know, even the air technique has its limits, however, still in 1932, the Germans built a powerful dvenadtsatidvigatelny plane-boat Dornier Do X, which is the word used exclusively for the needs of civil aviation, and not someone else, but the most by Lufthansa. However, due to the lack of efficiency of use dvenadtsatidvigatelnogo aircraft, it is not long existed, but only three operating model has been constructed.

It is possible to install several powerful engines will manifest itself in the future, but at this time it is not needed, otherwise the efficiency of their use will simply absent.