Air transport company
Air transport company. Facilities and Services

Air transport company. Facilities and Services


Air transport company for many today is a true joy, because thanks to relatively low cost of services provided, it is by far the steepest way to deliver cargo to anywhere in the world, where can land the aircraft.


Air transport company as the best way of delivery


Any air transport company has a number of advantages over any other means of cargo, in particular this applies to the following factors:

  • The high speed delivery of goods anywhere in the world;
  • The ability to transport bulky cargo;
  • Possibility of transportation of dangerous, including radioactive and toxic cargoes.



Nevertheless, quite a significant factor for many is the relatively high cost of air transport, which allows their use is not widespread, especially when it comes to large structures and objects. Please note that each air transport company has its own rates for the carriage of goods, which is why pricing can vary greatly between the maxima and minima.

Accepted provide three main types of air cargo:

  1. Intraurban;
  2. Intercity;
  3. International.


Intercity air cargo are rarely used because of its profitability is not, but still have a place to be. In this case air transport company usually uses helicopters, with the value of their work is calculated from the time required and not on the weight of the cargo or its size, but it is also very important.



For long-distance and international air transportation is used, as a rule, transport planes, but this kind of services does not every air transport company, especially when it comes to very large-sized cargoes.

Thus, if you urgently need to carry the goods to a considerable distance, the most effective method in this case will appeal to air transport companies to find out more about where you can directly on their personal web pages.