Aviatsentr "Voskresensk". Despite everything…
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Aviatsentr "Voskresensk". Despite everything…

Aviatsentr "Voskresensk". Despite everything…



I knowingly wrote in the title - no matter what, to the aviation center "Voskresensk" These words can be attributed to the full. Those who are in the subject, it is well known that small aircraft in Russia is now experiencing is not the best of times. And the more pleasant it was to come to this center, in which no matter what rich aviation life goes on.

Aviatsentr "Voskresensk". No matter what ... 1


At the beginning of April, at the invitation of the Director General aviation center Vladimir Khromenkova, I flew here, get to know more closely with his work and life. The center immediately produces a favorable impression. Cleanliness, neatness in everything. At first glance you can see with what diligence and love everything is done and arranged. The entrance to the main building of the center through security, and this immediately sets up a serious way, and shows that discipline and security here are not an empty phrase. In the lobby of the main building showcases with equipment for gyroplanes, aviation accessories. At the stand is a good photo selection of eminent guests of the airfield, photos of flights of gyroplanes and aircraft. On the second floor there is a cafe and a lounge for employees of the center and guests. Directly from the cafe you can go to the covered balcony, from which you can easily see the parking, taxiing, and most importantly - the strip.

The largest private airfield Russia (and one of the most equipped), founded in the year 2008 Ruslan UstinovMan is not random and is well known in the aviation industry. That's why everything is carefully planned and equipped. Excellent large insulated hangars with heating, allow to collect and repair the most diverse small aviation airplanes. Light aircraft, helicopters, gyroplanes separate hangar assembly. In all the rooms and sheds can be reached virtually without going outside. Here, in the main building of the center is a cozy hotel with comfortable rooms.

Despite perhaps the most difficult situation for the last time in a small aircraft, aviatsentr "Voskresensk" not only reduces their activity, but also increases the range of services. Now here is the only Russian distributor of the German company gyroplanes AutoGyro the. Here in the center of the hangar working full cycle licensed assembly giroplanov (as they are called here). Here they obletyvayut after assembly and represent customer.

In the 2015 year, on the basis of the center, together with the companies JetTransfer и Cessna, Opened Russia's first service center and sale Cessna aircraft company - Flight Center. This multifunctional profile service center for Cessna piston aircraft.

The center will help you with the choice of aircraft to suit your taste and wallet size. Then the plane you selected will be delivered to the center. Here, it will collect, certifies and overfly. That is, the customer receives a selected aircraft, which is called "turn-key".

Main activities Flight Center:

  • Certified Maintenance Cessna piston aircraft

  • Familiarization flights and pilot training in an airplane Cessna

  • Sale of new and used Cessna aircraft from the United States and Europe

That is, to put it simply, this center will help you solve all the problems associated with the single-engine aircraft Cessna.

Yet, interestingly other party activities aviation center "Voskresensk" is the sale, repair and maintenance giroplanov (gyroplanes). Exclusive distributor giroplanov "AvtoGiro Rusland (AutoGyro Russland) - official representative in Russia of the company which produces the world-famous gyros, such as« Cavalon »,« Calidus »,« MTOSport ». It produces sales and service of all the gyros AutoGyro company brands. Still, many of the owners of the sun with the ROTAX engines is important to know that at the base of "Voskresensk" works Authorized Service Center ROTAX engines.

After a coffee and a chat about the state of affairs in the center of Vladimir Khromenkova, we have gone through all the hangars, I looked to see where and how to collect the gyros, the form in which they arrive at the center. Since autogyro has no wings, for its storage need very little space, and it is also one of the many advantages of the gyroplane. In the hangar, average size can simultaneously collect up to 10 devices simultaneously.

Excellent clean warm and bright hangars, I immediately thought of his work in one of the aircraft repair plants Assembly, at that time we did not have such conditions for work! Even wanted to work here in the assembly, the hands have not forgotten tool.

Giroplan Cavalon in the assembly hangar


Giroplan MTOSportWhich is sometimes called an air bike.


Aerial acrobatics in the autogyro Cavalon


And of course, what to hide, most of all I was interested to climb the autogyro in the air. It was the culmination of my visit Voskresensk! Door small yellow capsules are opened up. I sit down, Commander helps me to buckle up, do not mess with the camera strap. Starts ... The instrument, in general, familiar, except for the rotor speed indicator.

Taxi on the executive. We do not rub our shoulders in the cockpit, my feet do not interfere with either the pedals or the handle of the controls. Armchairs are comfortable, straps 4-x point, the review is simply chic. We connect the rotor through the coupling, and untwist it to the required speed. Accelerated unusually briefly and immediately go to the battle turn, traction is quite enough. In general, maneuvers on autogyro are quite unusual, experienced pilot Mikhail Ushakov shows me the possibilities of the machine. Very impressive instant turn on the tail, the transition to hovering, and other unusual for the "airman" action in the air. Sometimes I caught myself thinking that I wanted to grab the handle. With Mikhail, we made a small flight around the site. He showed me an imitation of landing with the engine off, absolutely not extreme, but quite manageable and even some ordinary one. In general, minutes for 25-30 flight, I felt all the possibilities, what is called the "fifth point", in full. Landing on a fairly steep glide path and almost without a stop. I climbed out of the cab slightly drooping and rolled. Impressions were the sea! I immediately fell in love with this small, like a toy apparatus, which is so childishly able to fly in experienced hands. It was an autogyro Cavalon, and I remembered flying very well on it!

Then I photographed taxiing, takeoffs and landings of other cars, and could not help comparing them with the gyro. And certainly wanted again and again to climb on it and again to experience such unusual sensations.

Dusk, sunset was just gorgeous. The flight lasted. I am also waiting for a delicious dinner and stay in your room watching there, no TV, and the captured frames for this day.


Thank you Aviatsentr "Voskresensk" Ruslan and Ustinov, For giving me the opportunity to experience flight in a gyroplane and get such an unforgettable experience and the sea of ​​adrenaline.

My next report will be about the mission to "air bike" - gyroplane MTOSport.

The author is grateful Society of Friends of Air Fleet (ODVF) и Oleg Bondarev for organizing a trip to aviatsentr "Voskresensk".

Director-General of aviation center "Voskresensk" Vladimir Khromenkov




For avia.pro I flew and photographed Valery Smirnov, With the assistance of ODVF (Society of Friends of the Air Force)

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