Aviation security: the new methods for the determination of invisible defects
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Aviation security: the new methods for the determination of invisible defects

Aviation security: the new methods for the determination of invisible defects


Aviation security is one of the most important priorities of development, both for aircraft construction and the entire civil aviation as a whole. One of the most common factors leading to the emergence of emergency and aviation incidents, a technical defect fragments of the aircraft, and, under this category includes virtually all air hub and components, which will eventually fail, and eventually lead to an emergency and an emergency landing, catastrophes and human casualties.


Ultrasonic method of determining defects in aviation units, units and structures


The scientist from the University of Bristol ultrasound and non-destructive testing managed to make a new discovery, which in the near future will not only reduce the chance of a plane crash, but minimize it as much as possible. The new discovery is that with the help of a small oscillator of ultrasonic vibrations, it is possible to quickly and very effectively determine the occurrence of fatigue cracks in the main aggregates and nodes of aviation equipment. This includes primarily the chassis, moving parts of aircraft, parts of the fuselage, windshields, portholes, etc. In fact, the method of testing aircraft units by means of ultrasound is not so new, however, British scientists have modified it somewhat, so that not only damage is seen on the resulting images, but also the further nature of their development, which in turn will allow It is most effective to determine the resource of air hubs and possible problems with their long-term operation.


Ultrasound testing of the fuselage for microscopic defects 


The modified method is based on non-linear distribution of ultrasonic vibrations, in view of which manages to identify even the smallest changes in the structure of the material. Due to this, in the opinion of the scientists, in the next few years it will be able to develop the most lightweight design of aircraft, with high performance qualities, which naturally has a number of advantages over modern engineering solutions.

In addition, the engineers suggest that the new technology of nonlinear ultrasound scan will identify any causes of the plane crash occurred, the non-human, natural or force majeure factor.


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